Thursday, August 28, 2014

57% Disapprove of "Partiption" Trophies

That worries me. Not the fact that 57% of Americans disapprove of “participation” trophies, but that 47% APPROVE of them! It’s such a fool notion, it doesn’t even need to be said! Participants know who won, if those “running things” don’t. Who would run an auto race without a winner? It’s STUPID! What’s the point? Sports is all about finding out who’s best. And a football game without a winning team, what would that gain for ANYBODY? Why would they bother to show up? The people who think of these things must be taking stupid pills to stay this stupid!

WHAT HE DEEMS “IMPORTANT”: I guess we now know what Obama thinks is important. He sends an “official delegation” to the funeral of a small-time hood who attacked a cop and got his just deserts. But he was conspicuous by the absence of either himself, or any of his representatives at the funeral of that journalist who was beheaded by a cowardly ISIS member for all the world to see. That tells me what he thinks is important.. Nobody seems to want to believe he is "in cahoots" with the Islamic terrorists in SPITE of the evidence he is, I call that stupid!

OBAMA TO GRANT AMNESTY: He’s ready to grant amnesty to over five million illegal aliens. Never mind that will DESTROY any chance of “recovery” by putting five million more people who are willing to work for less than most Americans into the job market. He doesn’t care about that, just as he doesn’t care about the misery he has caused with Obamacare. Health insurance rates have DOUBLED, in spite of his “promise” that they would go down. He knew that was a lie when he told it. And so millions of Americans will remain unemployed. All he cares about is that Obamacare is “the law of the land,” whatever misery it causes.

GOVT. TO MONITOR TWITTER: They’re going to spend one billion dollars (do they ever spend less than a $billion, for anything?) to “monitor what is said on Twitter (Can Facebook be far behind?). What’s next? Putting people in prison for what they say on Twitter? And who gets to DEFINE what IS “hate speech?” And who gets to tell us what PUNISHMENT to mete out to those who “violate” their “hate speech” definition? When it happens, I’ll probably be one of the first ones to be punished, because I’m sure Obama and his fools already think I put out “hate speech” because they don’t agree with what I say.

LOIS LERNER A LAW VIOLATOR: It is now known that she submitted her cell phone for destruction the day AFTER Congress contacted her about her e-mails. That is destruction of evidence in a federal investigation, and she (and her accomplices) is/are GUILTY of it. Will she be punished in any meaningful way? Probably not. She has too many high-ranking “officials” in DC who are doing their level best to protect her from punishment. After all, this IS the IRS, after all.

STUPID PEOPLE: I found this one hard to believe. A woman on an Indian reservation thought her fire fighter friends were “bored, and needed some work.” So she started a fire that cost millions of dollars and burned several thousand acres, to give them something to do. Then wonder of all wonders, she posted on Twitter, “Like my fire?” and got caught. How people can be as stupid as this woman is beyond me, but many are. I wonder if there is a way that can be found to PREDICT such actions. Probably not.

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