Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why Support Hamas?

Liberty Alliance asks, “Why does Hollywood support Hamas? A better question would be, “Why would ANYONE who has any amount of INTELLIGENCE support Hamas? Hamas is NOT a “political organization. It’s a band of raping, murdering bastards who need to be “cleaned out,” thoroughly, as soon as possible. They have ONE goal: the GENOCIDE of the Jews. It’s in their CHARTER. Anybody who supports them is INSANE! They don’t go out of their way to kill Christians—yet. So far, their only targets that we know of are the Jews. Why, we don’t know. Their reasoning is lost in the mists of time. If there is any good reason for genocide, it is for genocide of Hamas.

“PUTIN IS A “GOOD GUY”: That’s what Steven Segal and Mickey Rourke think, anyway. Of course, they also say they pay no attention to politics, which is not unexpected, considering the level if their IGNORANCE. They’ve met him and found him to be personal and friendly. They’ve obviously never met him when the KVD suspected them of subversion. They don’t know about all the people he’s made into corpses. They wouldn’t think so we’ll of him, then—IF they survived the encounter.

BLACK PANTHERS TAKE OVER: They came in, in force, wearing cop-like uniforms, and “took over” the news conference being held by the Ferguson Police. The cops, numbering fewer than the Panthers, were forced to “give way” while the Panthers spouted their BS. They’re getting more cocky, folks, as people, even police forces, give way before them while the attorney general refuses to prosecute them for demonstrable offenses. Their new boss was once arrested for putting out “a contract” on George Zimmerman. He apparently wasn’t severely punished. The Panthers need to be “taken down” so they can do no more damage.

AND THEY BLAME ISRAEL: There’s a “cease-fire” in effect right now (as this is written) and Israel is not attacking Palestinians. But that cannot be said for Hamas. They fired two missiles into Israel while that “cease-fire” was in effect. And if Israel retaliates, THEY get criticized by the liberal media, the UN, and fools all over the world. I don’t know why this is; why people who shouldn’t be against Jews combine to vilify them for defending themselves, but they are. It’s a damned shame.

CHIEF: “OH, GOD!” That was the response from the police chief in Ferguson, MO when he found out about two reporters (who were not doing anything wrong) who didn’t move fast enough when the cops “rousted them” from the local McDonalds’ where they were working, covering the Ferguson riots. They were there as customers and were charged with “trespassing.” As soon as the Ferguson chief cop found out, they were released, without explanation or comment as to why his cops “roughed them up” while arresting them on a bogus charge. I assume legal action will be forthcoming.

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN WITH AL-JAZEERA: I heard about her leaving NBC, but nothing else. Now I find out she works for al-Jazeera, the Muslim “mouthpiece” in America. Whatever possessed this woman to go to work there is beyond me. They probably offered her a LOT of money, but there is NO amount of money that would get me to work for this outfit. It isn’t a “news organization,” it’s a propaganda outfit, and O’Brien is complicit. But then, she is a liberal, after all.

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