Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Won't Meet His Eyes

Rep Gowdy is questioning Asst. AG Cole about their IRS investigation and he consistently refuses to answer questions, specifically questions about how many people have been QUESTIONED in the investigation of the IRS. Why Gowdy lets hiom get away with it, I don’t know. But the fact that Cole will not even meet Gowdy’s EYES and keeps looking down and to rhe right (a “tell” that he is lying) tells me a lot. If I had been Gowdy I’d have insisted that he look at me and cited him in contempt of Congress.

ENEMY ON HIS COMMITTEE: Rep. Gowdy has an “enemy” on his own committee. Liberal Democrat Elija Cummings takes every opportunity to belittle the work of this committee and make excuses for Obama and his henchmen. He has to be “schooled” on how the law works in order to shut him up. If I were Gowdy, I’d “bounce him” from the committee so he would no longer be able to do all he can to “torpedo” the committee’s work. It is people like Cummings who give congressmen a bad name.

LOOTING FOR “FREE STUFF”: There’s a riot that went on in the St. Louis area, supposedly because a cop shot and killed a black man, but that’s not why they rioted or why they looted. They don’t care about that kid who was killed. They just want “free stuff” and are using this incident as an excuse to loot as much as possible while the cops are busy trying to stop the riot. Maybe SOME of the people out there on the streets are doing it for the kid who was killed by the cops, but they’re the only ones NOT looting, mostly. They’re just providing “cover” for the looters, whether they know it or not.

CLINTON TO RUN? Hillary (otherwise known as Hilarious) Clinton, that is. Not Bill. Bill is OVER. Except for making $200,000.00 speeches and writing books nobody but liberals read. You can forget about him, except for what he does “behind the scenes” where nobody knows he’s there (“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”). But Hillary has now begun to criticize Obama, in an effort to “distance herself” from him so we won’t realize a Hillary presidency would be “the third term of Obama.” They’re starting to call her a “middle-of-the-roader,” which IS “Hilarious.” NOBODY is as “far left” as is Hillary, except maybe Obama.

WHAT’S SHARPTON DOING IN ST. LOUIS? Whipping up racism, as usual. Anything that happens that MIGHT be considered racist, and Al is there, with his megaphone, whipping up violence and gathering in money from people who are deathly afraid he’ll call them racist. Except in DC, that is, where calling people racist is “the usual” thing. Sharpton is a top level “racism whore” (outside of Jesse Jackson, that is) and never misses an opportunity to whip things up and fill his pockets. I expect to see Jesse there, soon. I don’t know why he isn’t there, already.

JUDGE RULES AGAINST AR-15: Judge Catherine C. Blake has ruled that the AR-15 and other such weapons are not covered by the Second Amendment. What the hell has she been SMOKING? There is no such specific wording in the Constitution, and she must twist it out of recognizable shape to rule that way. It’s too bad we still have such ignorant judges on the bench. I still say there should be a way to remove such judges when they blatantly ignore the Constitution in their “rulings.”

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