Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Now They're Shooting

There’s obviously a more sinister effort under way in Ferguson, MO, than a protest over the killing of a thug who was in the process of beating the hell our of a cop when he was shot and killed. NO longer are demonstrators just looting. Now they’re SHOOTING people while they loot stores. These aren’t locals. These are CRIMINALS who have come here to take advantage of the ”unrest” there. These aren’t “demonstrators. They are there to STEAL and kill

DON’T CARE ABOUT ROSEMARY: People think Democrats indicted Texas Gov. Perry for something stupid to “protect” Rosemary Lehmberg, hopefully the future FORMER District Attorney of Travis County, not because he cut off some of her funds because she wouldn’t resign after being arrested for DUI and threatening the cops, but because he had the temerity to TELL her he was going to do it before he did it. But that’s not the reason. It’s just an excuse to get at Perry. Damn, they’ve got some stupid Democrats in Texas! 

MORE MONEY FOR GUNS: Did you know that Americans are giving more money to PRO-gun organizations than to ANTI-gun groups? That ought to tell them something, but it won’t. They think they’re “doing God’s work,” even though they’re not. They really think they can “get rid of all guns,” and they’re wrong. But that will not deter them. They will continue to con legislators into passing their useless laws that only get innocent people killed by CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws.

AUTOMATIC WEAPON IN SHOPPING TRIP: Did you see the picture of Kory Watkins, a top pro-open carry supporter, carrying an automatic weapon while he shopped for groceries? No? It appeared in The Daily Beast and Huffington Post. You don’t read these sites? Good for you. I don’t either, but it was brought to my attention by NewsMax. This guy has no idea how stupid he looks doing that, nor how much he hurts the pro-gun movement by so doing. Or he just likes the attention, I don’t know. It’s too bad there are people like that on our side. It lets the anti-gun crowd paint us as zany extremists.

IS OBAMA ON VACATION? No, not at the moment. He “took a break” from his golf and beach activities to return to Washington because of the Iraq problem and the violence in Ferguson, MO. Or at least, he wants us to THINK that’s why. I’d just as soon he be “on vacation” all the time if I didn’t know he could screw up my life just as well from the golf course or the beach as he can in DC. I don’t know why he spent the extra money to go back to Washington, but I’m sure if I knew, I wouldn’t like it.

BLOWING UP TRUCKS WON’T HELP: What I’ve seen lately in Obama’s releases of videos of his “air strikes” in Iraq hasn’t impressed me, much. You aren’t really helping anything by blowing up lone pickup trucks, unless there’s a terrorist general in it. Meanwhile, the terrorists continue killing innocent Christians and behead CHILDREN while he stays away from bombing IMPORTANT targets like elements of their command structure so he won’t REALLY hurt them, since they’re his “friends.”

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