Saturday, August 2, 2014

Obama's The Hater

He says, “Stop the hate!” But in reality, he is the biggest hater there is. Was it an act of love when he sued the State of Arizona for DEMANDING he enforce the law—something he is SWORN to do? How about when he INVITED those thousands of unaccompanied CHILDREN to cross Mexico and come here (a trip many died making)? Was it an act of love to order the IRS to TARGET “right-wing” organizations who only wanted to have tax exempt status so they could raise money, for delays and harassment, with inane questions? The same status Obama’s liberal brother got for HIS LEFT- wing organization within 30 days? What a HYPOCRITE Obama is; and his thugs likewise. I hate to use that word again, but it is appropriate.

JUST JERK HIM OUT: I just watched (again) a Palestinian JERK an injured child out of an ambulance and run into the hospital with him. The child WAS properly on a stretcher when the man grabbed him and violently JERKED him off it and ran in the hospital. Very dramatic, but not very good for this injured child—one that was injured because Hamas PUT him in the line of fire. What if that child had had a broken neck or back? Jerking him up like that would have killed him. But Palestinians don’t care. They’ll just blame the Israelis.

HAMAS COMMITS WAR CRIME: Surprise, surprise! They commit multiple war crimes every day. This is news? And our president takes a nap. He couldn’t care less what Hamas does to Israel. Hamas is made up of Muslim extremists (terrorists), who are Obama’s friends. He won’t do anything against them, though he might TALK tough, just to make Americans think he cares. Obama is a “closet” Muslim who thinks the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim “call to prayer.” Talk about “giving yourself away!”

WHERE DO WE GET THESE FOOLS? DC Delegate to congress Eleanor Holmes Norton (who has no vote, thankfully), thinks the American citizens (in the person of the U. S. Congress) have no right to know what goes on in the White House. What the hell is she smoking? Congress is a “co-equal branch” of government with the WH and has EVERY right to know what goes on there. They REPRESENT the people. The people are their BOSSES and can FIRE them. The idea that they don’t have the right to know what goes on in the WH is LUDICROUS! Any politician who thinks otherwise should be FIRED immediately and sent home without severance pay. What the hell they pay her for anyway is beyond me.

OKLAHOMA LAWMAKERS “GET IT”: At least, two of them do. They want to make a law allowing staff and some students who have “carry permits” to be able to carry their guns on campus instead of the way it is now, where shooters can depend on their being no guns (they don’t know about) on campus so they can come on campus and kill people at will. University “officials” are fighting that, tooth and nail. I guess they just LIKE inviting crazy shooters to “come in and shoot their students.” We try and try to “smarten them up,” but to no avail. Their minds are “set in stone.” It’s a simple concept, but one I guess they can’t comprehend.

A “GOOD GUY WITH A GUN: The “Coalition to Stop Gun violence, (two guys with a fax machine and a lot or time on their hands are now “taking aim” at “good guys with a gun” by talking about a “domestic abuser” who “pumped 60 rounds from his AR-15 (Probably not, with the complete LACK of gun knowledge on the part of news writers. It was probably a shotgun.) into a house trailer containing his estranged wife and son, then opened fire on the cops when they arrived. How CAGV figured he was a “good guy” is beyond me. But deciding who is a “good guy” is apparently beyond them.

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