Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Press Freedom?

Just saw a map that puts America in the “second position” BEHIND Canada in the amount of “press freedom” allowed in their country. I wonder where they get their figures. In a country that BANS conservative speakers from making speeches there, it seems funny that their press freedom would exceed ours. Maybe the people who made that map are in CANADA. We have the best press freedom in the world, but our liberal press is not taking advantage of it. They are “self-censoring” themselves, refusing to run things that criticize Obama or any of his policies. Is somebody paying them off? Or are they just stupid?

LET’S HELP THEM: Hamas says they have 3,000 soldiers ready to die. So let’s help them do that, if they want it. The only thing Islamic terrorists (which they are) understand, is death, so let’s give it to them. I’m willing. It’s too bad I’m too old, and can barely make it to my car, or I’d be over there killing them. Under the circumstances, I’ll just leave the killing to Israelis. They’re better at it than any Palestinian, as witness the death tolls on both sides. Some people might think I go too far in saying this. But so far, I haven’t killed anyone. I can’t say the same for Islamic terrorists.

ROMANOFF’S RIGHT: Andrew Romanoff, a Democrat, used to be the Speaker of the Colorado House. Now he’s running for the national Senate. He says Colorado balanced the budget every year he was in office, which was no problem because it’s THE LAW. They HAD TO balance the budget. Proving it CAN be done. He further said it ought to be that way in DC, and that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard a Democrat say. What genius set it up so that Washington politicians could spend our money freely with NO limitations? Obama’s taking full advantage of that oversight, and he’s going to RUIN us.

NO LIMITS ON SPENDING: The previous post highlights something that is a GREVIOUS FAILURE in setting up our governmental system. Giving KNOWN “spendthrift politicians” FREE REIN to spend our money at will, with NO LIMITATIONS. This oversight has cost us TRILLIONS of dollars as politicians gaily spend more money than there IS, mostly to BUY VOTES to stay in office. We need to pass such a limitation for the federal government, immediately, if we can find SOMEONE with the gonads to even INTRODUCE such a measure, let alone enough politicians to VOTE for it.

TWO MORE DEATHS: I’ve said, more than once, that Obama’s policies will cause many deaths and much injury. This is just one more instance of his chickens “coming home to roost.” Two illegal aliena MURDERED a border control agent, in front of his family! Why? Because Obama decreed that border control people could not use “deadly force.” So this guy could only defend himself at the risk of his job. Now he’s dead, instead. Obama never thinks about the EFFECT of his policies, and he doesn’t care when they result in dead people. He’s the emperor, after all. The death of one of the “little people” means nothing at all to him.

DOCS REFUSING OBAMACARE PATIENTS: The feds are up to their old tricks. They have shrunken their payments to doctors so much that docs can no longer afford to take Obamacare patients. So they’re now starting to refuse to treat them, which, if it continues, will destroy Obamacare—which is a good thing. But, knowing Obama, he’ll probably make a law (in the form of an Executive Order) to make it ILLEGAL to refuse patients, for ANY reason. This is something Ayn Rand predicted in her landmark book, “Atlas Shrugged.” People started responding to governmental edicts by refusing to participate, so they made that illegal.

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