Monday, August 4, 2014

Hamas Says, "Enough!"

That’s a fantasy on their part. If they want attacks on their territory to stop, all they have to do is stop rocket bombing Israel and Israel will stop retaliating. Yes, children are being killed; BECAUSE they put their children in places they KNOW are going to be attacked, because they fire their rocket bombs from there. They keep firing rockets from apartment complexes, hospitals, mosques, and schools, then complain when Israel bombs them in return. This is STUPID! But the liberal media is “lapping it up” like a hungry dog eats his dinner.

GETTING IT WRONG: That’s a common malady among legislators regarding gun laws. They keep making laws that keep HONEST PEOPLE from being able to carry and use the means to self-defense, a gun. Their efforts are concentrated on finding out who COMMITTED the crime, not preventing it. Laws such as I mention are already on the books, but are commonly WAIVED as a “bargaining chip” to get confessions, or convictions in other crimes, This must STOP. But apparently, our lawmakers aren’t intelligent enough to realize this.

BLOCKADING A TOWN: Cops in Amada, MI (outside Detroit) spent a lot of overtime money to blockade the entire town, looking for the killer of a young, teenage girl. In an area where money is tight, this is overreaction, and I suspect yielded no concrete results, while violating everybody’s rights and making a traffic mess. This is something cops think they can do in “exigent circumstances,” which this was NOT. Somebody in that police department is incompetent, and he/she is the one who gave the orders to do that.

CEASE-FIRE IN ISRAEL? Everybody seems to be calling for a “cease-fire in Israel because so many Palestinians are being killed. But they keep asking ISRAEL to “cease firing” on Palestinians! Nobody asks Hamas to stop rocket-bombing” ISRAEL every day. Seems that people with ANY amount of intelligence would ask HAMAS to stop shelling ISRAEL instead of blaming the VICTIM. Apparently, there ARE no people with INTELLIGENCE trying to solve that problem. Especially not John Kerry.

PEELOSI LOSES IT: Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) accused Democrats of “Making an issue of border control after ignoring it when they controlled all three houses of government,” in order to CREATE an issue for the election, and Nancy Peelosi had a “meltdown,” charging across the House floor in a “major breach of decorum” to confront him, screeching that he was a “liar” and was “insignificant.” She accused him of lying, to which he responded, “What I said is true. I researched it. You might want to try it some time.” They SAY she “accepted his apology,” but that was a lie, too. He offered NO apology for stating the truth. This is more evidence that Peelosi is becoming senile and should be replaced.

“DO-NOTHING CONGRESS?” Democrats like to take abut a “do-nothing Congress,” to skewer Republicans. But how do they cover it up that the House (Republican controlled) have sent 350 bills to the Senate, all of which are STILL sitting on Harry Reid’s desk. Seems to me like the part of Congress that is “doing nothing” is the Democrats in the Senate. As usual, Obama is lying through his teeth when he complains about his “do-nothing Congress,” since it is the Democrats who are “doing nothing.”

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