Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Holder Goes to Ferguson

Ostensibly to “investigate” the situation.. But, knowing Holder, he’ll probably join in the looting, but going after bigger targets than convenience stores. Sending Holder in is sending a criminal to stop the criminals. I don’t think he’s going to help, much. I think, like Gov. Perry, he ought to be indicted for abusing his authority by making arbitrary decisions as to which laws he will enforce, and which ones he will NOT enforce. Obama, too. Neither are above the law. They only THINK they are. That’d be a much stronger charge than the bogus one they’re throwing at Perry. A criminal investigating a cop. Funny.

MISPLACED WARFARE: Democrats have “Taken a page out of Obama’s handbook” and “laid off of” the Islamic terrorists who are murdering Christians, raping and beheading CHILDREN and simply “going wild” on the Iraq citizens. Instead, they’re “going after” the Republicans while telling everybody they’re going to “save America” from the Republicans, replacing the Islamic terrorists as “the enemy” with the Republicans. Meanwhile, the REPUBLICANS are fighting harder against the Tea Parties than Islam OR the Democrats. It’s a “messed-up world” out there, today. Republicans just don’t realize that the Tea Parties are the best friends they ever had. But all they see is an organization that is going to get rid of some of the more liberal of their number; those that are destroying their party.

CHILLING SIGN IN FERGUSON: Behind a CNN reporter making a report on the situation in Ferguson, MO, is a sign that says, “ISIS is here!.” What? What the HELL does ISIS have to do with Ferguson, MO? That guy holding that sign should be arrested for subversion and aiding and abetting the enemy. That’s if Obama even REGOGNIZES them as an enemy. From what he has been heard to say, I doubt it. Obama is causing the deaths of a lot of people by his blindness about Islamic terrorism and his fool policies toward Muslims.

ONLY FOUR LOCALS: The true narrative is that the LOCALS are not in the majority among demonstrators in Ferguson, MO. And that is supported by the fact that only FOUR “locals” were arrested last night. At least one “outsider” flew in from far way to be part of this demonstration, which brings up the question, “What is their interest? Why do they fly so far to be here? Who paid for that flight. And why? How about others why hurriedly flew in? Who paid their fares? And are they PAID to demonstrate and make more trouble for police?” The cops are now working to defuse the demonstration, but these “outsiders” are working to make it worse. I see people exhorting the crowd, and those persons should be arrested for “fomenting a riot,’ as soon as they are found.

NOT AN ACT OF WAR: The beheading of an American journalist as “revenge” for Obama’s “air strikes” is NOT “an act of war,” it is the act of CRIMINALS. To kill an innocent NON-combatant in retaliation for an act of war. These people are not worth observing the Geneva Convention with reference to them. They are hooligans and MURDERERS. They are LOWER than low and do not deserve “the system” when caught. Unlike human beings, they only deserve one bullet—to the brain (If one can be found. It might take more than one bullet to find it.).

I SEE IT COMING: With all the rioting and lawlessness in Ferguson, MO, somebody else is going to be short and killed. Maybe by a demonstrator from California or Maine, or some such place (but who does NOT live in Ferguson), or by a cop, who finds himself overwhelmed by the crowds in the performance of his duty. It’s building, folks, and only one State Police captain is TRYING to do something about it and is being “scotched” by people like the GOVERNOR of the state, and the Attorney General of the United States, and two well-known “race whores” who only want to make money out of it by making it into a “race issue,” when it was NOT.

NOW THEY WANT TAMPONS AND KOTEX: FREE: Who the hell does this woman think she is? At least one woman out there is demanding free feminine hygiene products to be provided her at the expense of others. It is leeches with mindsets like this who voted Vladmir Lenin in, in Russia, an act which doomed Russia to 75 years of slavery and death. Now we’re looking at the same thing happening here if they vote in another Obama-like successor to his socialistic regime.

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