Friday, August 22, 2014

Brown's Buddy "Fesses Up"

The LONE “witness” that says Brown was standing with his hands up when the cop shot him has now admitted (according to local radio station KFNS FM) that Brown was attacking the cop and trying to take his gun when he was shot. That, combined with the cop’s obvious injuries (a broken eye socket, among other things), ASSURES his innocence—unless the “powers that be” ignore this new evidence, which they might, with Holder involved. They’re already denying his eye injury.

WILL HE APOLOGIZE? Rush Limbaugh wondered if the photographer who took the picture of Obama in his golf cart, “yukking it up” with his buddies, minutes after delivering a five minute rote speech about the murder of that reporter, will be forced to apologize, as did a previous photographer who took a picture Obama did not want circulated. Apology or not, the damage has been done. The word is out: Obama doesn’t care about that reporter. He only cares about his golf score. He will have Holder do what is necessary to convince us he DOES care, but that’s it.

THAT POLAR BEAR THING AGAIN: The environmentalists published a picture of a polar bear on a three foot wide sheet of ice and pushed it on schools, in yet another effort to convince young children (who don’t know any different) that that tiny ice floe is all that’s left, and the polar bears are “in trouble.” But they’re not. Polar bears can swim for hundreds of miles, and their numbers are at an all-time high. And as for polar ice “melting,” it ISN’T. Polar ice melts and reforms all the time, so pictures of ice “falling into the sea” are ALSO bogus. But we who pay attention KNOW that environmentalists LIE to us on a regular basis, so what ELSE is new?

HAMAS WILL PAY A “HEAVY PRICE”: That’s what Israel’s prime minister says after a Hamas mortar targeted a synagogue and another killed a four-year-old CHILD. And when they retaliate, Israel will be blamed, as usual. It doesn’t matter that Israel is simply retaliating for the uncalled-for attacks of Hamas , killing Israeli CITIZENS (not combatants). What will it take to “wake up” the international press that the “bad guy” here is HAMAS? Probably nothing; they aren’t smart enough.

SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW? A new “Spiderwoman” cover is getting a lot of flack for its “butt-shot” on a recent cover. It WAS rather “out there,” but it’s nothing new. Comic books have been emphasizing the sexual aspects of the human body in their art for many years. And they don’t do it just with women. I’ve seen some comic book art of MEN that made me shudder. They must really be “hung” to show that big a bulge! And I am in no way a “prude.” But this is just more of the movement toward showing more and more naked people, everywhere. They love to draw people NAKED only seeming to be covered. So what? Not complaining, just saying.

PERRY STATES THE OBVIOUS: He is saying that the terrorists can come here through our Southern border, which ANYBODY with any degree of intelligence could see. If not for one thing, I would wonder why Obama can’t see it, and why he fights so hard to STOP any effort to control our borders. I think the answer is simple: Obama is a “fellow traveler” with the Islamic terrorists and therefore does all he can to make their jobs easier. He is committing TREASON and nobody will admit it. They are FOOLS and will DIE for their foolishness.

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