Sunday, August 17, 2014

Militarizing Police

Everybody wonders why the situation in Ferguson, MO got so bad, so quickly and why it was so easy for the state Police to “calm things down” when they took over? It’s not so hard to figure; the cops went into Ferguson with army-looking troops carrying automatic weapons, wearing bullet-proof vests and masks, and shooting tear gas grenades and rubber bullets into the crowds of protesters, basically “:bullying” their way. What did they expect the response to be? This is OUTSIDE the controversy over whether the guy they shot was an “innocent teen” or a six-foot four THUG who had already terrorized the people in a convenience store over a pack of cigars.

SOLUTION TO LOOTING: In Ferguson, MO, they’ve come up with a solution to the looting “problem.” That solution? “Let ‘em loot, While the cops stay away.” That way there are no clashes and no arrests. Businesses “lose a little to inventory shrinkage,” but nobody gets hurt. And the guy who got killed trying to avoid arrest for his strong-arm robbery of a convenience store minutes previous, is made into a hero by the looters. They call him a “gentle giant” because he didn’t really hurt the storeowner, only shoved him and threatened (by his intimidating presence) to hurt him. He knew he was “caught,” and started assaulting the cop who showed up Surprise, surprise! The cop had a gun!

NO RIGHT TO EDUCATION: Illegal aliens have NO RIGHT to an education at the expense of American citizens, just because they slipped across the border after the ILLEGAL invitation from an ILLEGAL president. Obama is “doing an end-around the constitution,” (as usual) and giving illegal aliens more than American citizens have. They should ALL be sent back to their respective countries and see if THEIR countries will pay for their education. They have no rights, here. Or just put over the American/Mexican border and be told they will go to PRISON if they return.

“LIMITED” AIR STRIKES: They aren’t going to make much of a difference in Iraq. We need to go after the gathering points if ISIS troops, the places where they shoot rockets and missiles from, and their command structure. Random bombing of ISIS troop formations “ain’t gonna git it.” But then, Obama doesn’t WANT to stop the ISIS. He just wants to make it LOOK like he’s trying. Frankly, I think he wants them to WIN, and to come here and win, too. So he can be the top man in running a caliphate. That’s a lot better than being president. Then he can do ANYTHING he wants, just because he wants it. He’ll have a lot more “flexibility” then.

“FOX’S WAR ON CHRISTIANS”: How did it become “FOX’s” war on Christians? A New York Times reporter who is a known liberal mouthpiece so described it on a piece he wrote (supposedly news, but more obviously liberal OPINION) in his “fish-wrap.” Seems to me the “war on Christians” belongs to the Times and liberals, not to Fox. Fox merely reports on it. They typically try to blame us for what THEY do.

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