Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama "Monitoring" Iraq

And he’s even sending in some jets to bomb SOME terrorist positions. But if he is to be believed about how he finds out things, his “monitoring” things means reading the newspapers. What makes me wonder is that he’s flying in “supplies” to those people trapped on that mountaintop, but he’s NOT dropping bombs on the terrorists surrounding the mountain. Meanwhile, terrorists are now using American arms, vehicles and ordinance (with guns attached) we left behind when our troops “cut and ran” on Obama’s orders. Talk about INCOMPETENCE!

DESTROYING ISIS ARMS AND EQUIPMENT: Obama’s government making a “big thing” of “destroying ISIS arms and equipment,” without mentioning that most of those “arms and equipment WE left there as our troops, following Obama’s orders, “cut and run” from Iraq without killing every last Islamic terrorist first. A lot of people forget that if Obama hadn’t “cut and run” these people would not be dying, with terrorists using OUR “arms and equipment.” And we wouldn’t have to “go back in” while we’re at a disadvantage caused by his policy.

WHY ALWAYS OBAMA? Why is it that every time I look around there is a picture of Obama? Even in ads seeking his impeachment! EVERYWHERE. I don’t think there has ever been a president who has appeared more often, in so many places. It’s almost like in “1984,” where “Big Brother’s” picture appeared everywhere you looked. I think that’s what he’s after, though he hides it well. But then, he’s good at hiding things. I’ll be glad when he’s gone (if that ever happens), and there’s no reason to have his ugly, ear-flapping mug plastered everywhere.

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE 18? In an ad, they asked young NASCAR driver Chase Elliot (son of Bill Elliot, “Awsome Bill from Dawsonville”) what it was like to be 18, and he asked if they even REMEMBERED what it was like to be 18. I can answer that question. At age 76, I remember what it was like to be 18. I feel exactly the same today, but with more pain and less ability to move around. What people don’t understand is that at 76, we have the same needs, wishes, and desires, but not as much physical ability to go after them, or even opportunities, to do so.

“CONVERT OR DIE!” That’s kind of a phony way to build your numbers. What makes them think the people who “cave” under this threat are REAL converts? I know if I had to do so under the threat of death, I might tell them what they want to hear, and act like I “converted,” but my “conversion” would not be REAL, even though it would be only within my mind. To me, that’s not a good way to get converts. Rather a STUPID way, really. They’ll never last as converts that way, and would not be able to be depended upon to fully support the Muslim way.

DEMOCRATS ARE LOSING: Liberals put the word out: “Tea Party has not unseated any Democrats.” But that’s a big LIE. Democrats are losing all over the place, including in Congress. In HAWAII, one of our newest states, Gov. Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat once thought to be “bulletproof” in Hawaii, has been defeated in the PRIMARIES, fergawdsakes! This is a guy who has been around forever. Defeated by a little-known state senator who Abercrombie outspent by two to one, and who went against the party bigwigs to run against him. I think this is just the beginning of the “revolution.”

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