Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Abusing Their Authority

The grand jury that “indicted” Texas Gov. Perry for “abuse of power” are, themselves, abusing THEIR power. They’re stretching mightily the description of ”abuse of power” to GET the indictment, they’re making it hard for ALL governors to do their jobs, for fear somebody will again stretch the truth to put them in danger of going to PRISON for doing their jobs. The whole idea of threatening Perry with PRISON for telling a DA he’s going to cut off her funds is absurd and stupid. But will they listen? NO; they’re too stupid.

GATHERING TO “HONOR” MICHAEL BROWN: What a STUPID idea that is! Honoring a thug who used his SIZE to terrorize everybody and HE gets “honored,” instead of the cop who shot him to keep from being killed by this young behemoth. We have STILL not gotten any information on Brown’s previous life, and that tells me something. If he had a previous record of intimidation and “taking” what he wanted, they aren’t revealing it so as to keep their narrative going. Nor have we heard from the cop, which tells me more. This is a “cop lynching.”

WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY: I never thought I’d see such a thing in this, in a Christian country! Teachers BANNING saying, “Bless you!” when somebody sneezes in a classroom. And not only getting AWAY with it, being able to punish the student for objecting! Yet a teacher in a lower school did, and then followed up by saying, “I won’t have you saying ‘Godly things’ in this class!” And she was not only NOT punished, she was backed up by the school! Then the other day, professor Leon Gardner threatened to take 15% off a student’s grade if he so much as mentioned God. And that the student would “suffer further punishment from the college.” What if someone told some Muslims the same if they mentioned “Allah?” there’d be a “shooting war” in that school before sundown.

THEY AREN’T EVEN TERRORISTS! Islamic terrorists CLAIM to be trying to “purify” the world, but I don’t think they are. They’re just thugs USING the Muslim religion as an excuse to be beheading, raping every woman they can find, killing them and their families, including CHILDREN, probably after raping them, too. They don’t really care if the whole world isn’t Muslim, they only SAY that so they can “run wild” and do anything they want.

YOU CAN’T DESTROY ISIS: That’s what the incompetent fools in DC say. They say that because ISIS is not a “recognized sovereign state,” and are just a collection of thugs, going around raping, murdering, and beheading CHILDREN. But I disagree. You CAN “destroy ISIS by KILLING each and every one of them, wherever you find them, without mercy. If you find them In Syria, so be it. Kill them. Apologize to Syria later. They say, “We will not let America be drawn into another land war in Iraq. But why did we LEAVE Iraq in the first place before the job was done? Because some fool of an incompetent politician thought we ought to.

THEY THINK THEY CAN WIN: Democrats are deluded. They think, with everything they (and Obama) has/have done to rape this country, they can still win in November. I don’t think they can. They thought they could both times when Reagan ran the last time, and they lost, BIG. I think if the Republicans run a REAL candidate like Sarah Palin, instead of listening to the BS LIBERALS (Democrats) say about her, we can, and WILL win, BIG. If they don’t lose, it’s because of the STUPIDITY of American voters, and they will then get what they deserve.

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