Friday, August 29, 2014

"That's Not Fair!"

Obama says “it’s not fair” to move out of the United States to avoid paying our sky-high taxes. But it is; they have the right to do what they can to AVOID paying the sky-high taxes he and his friends lay on them. He sounds like a little kid on the playground, who got his ice cream taken away by a bully, whining about it. And it’s NOT “unpatriotic.” Instead of SPENDING LESS, he says, “It’s our duty to pay it.” Politicians of the Obama stripe NEVER think about LOWERING the tax rate. All they ever think about is how to con us out of more money and to whine about it when someone finds a way out of it.

“IT’S TOO MUCH BOTHER”: The IRS says there IS a way to recover Lois Lerner’s e-mails, but they’re not going to do it, because “it’s too much bother.” Do they really think that will “go over” with the judge? It wouldn't work with them if I tried it. I wonder how those IRS “officials” will feel when they go to JAIL for not obeying his order? They really think they’re above the law. Meanwhile, we learn that they wiped her hand-held computer and cell phone the day AFTER Congress expressed an interest in seeing her e-mails. That they don’t have to obey a court order because “it’s too much bother” while that cocky bastard in the white House cheers them on. What a bunch of arrogant slobs they are!

CONSERVATIVES ARE LIKE ISIS? That’s what Washington Monthly blogger David Adkins thinks, anyway. “What’s…astonishing is the way conservative personalities continue to get away with equating hard-line conservative theocratic throwback fundamentalists with aggrieved western liberals, without significant pushback. Within the political context of the Middle East, ISIS is a decidedly conservative organization looking to eschew “foreign” western impulses, they say. Roll back the clock on progressive social reforms, and aggressively institute a more traditional religious approach to society. Those are bedrock principles of political conservatism wherever it appears in the world. “ That’s the usual bullsh-t liberal description of conservatives

WOMEN HATE REPUBLICANS: They did another “study,” that showed that women hate Republicans. This shows (again) that you can tailor a “study” to say anything you want it to say by the questions asked, and where you ask them. I get sick and tired of hearing about such “studies” because I know them to be complete bullcrap. Example: Question; “Do you like Democrats?” Asked of people passing through the door at the Democrat National Committee.  Another factor, answerers often tell questioners what they think they want to hear so you can’t depend on ANYTHING “learned” in such “studies.”

GETTING RID OF MALCONTENTS: It is said that there are many Americans among the ranks of ISIS fighters, which is bolstered by finding an American among ISIS dead after a battle. Some people are disturbed by that; I’m not. I’m happy to get rid of some of our malcontents. Those who live in the best country ever but for some reason (probably because they didn’t apply themselves to anything) believe they’re being discriminated against by society. Let them go over there and get themselves killed. We don’t need people like that here. Moreover, let’s ENCOURAGE those who always complain about being obstructed in their every effort by some malevolent force to do so.

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