Friday, August 15, 2014

Marine Vet Ejected From Six Flags

Because he had on a shirt their security considered would be “offensive,” but actually contained a “patriotic message” He was given that shirt by his family for Father’s Day and refused to take it off or cover it up; so the officious “security officer,” who probably had never been anywhere under fire protecting his country, insisted he and his family leave. So he did, after making a speech to hundreds of people attending, about what had happened, and saying, “This is how Six Flags treats veterans. It’s too bad when patriotism becomes “offensive to damned fools in America.

AL-MALIKI TO STEP DOWN: Good news! The prime minister who was defeated in the election has agreed to leave. Funny; I always thought a politician who was defeated in an election HAD TO “step down.” It wasn’t his decision to make. Maybe somebody reminded this fool of this so he “stepped down” to avoid being “taken down.” I guess they won’t have to shoot him, after all. I’m sure Obama is looking at this situation carefully to see what to do when HE is lawfully supposed to “step down.”

 THE ONLY ONE: The father of the deceased race driver that was run over by Tony Stewart’s car when he ran onto the track to protest being put into the wall (which happens often in sprint car racing) said, “Apparently Stewart was the only one there who didn’t see him.” I understand that he’s angry, but maybe it wasn’t that Stewart didn’t see him, maybe it was that Ward put himself in a place where Steward could not miss him. It’s not easy to suddenly change direction on dirt in a sprint car, and the evidence shows Stewart tried. Ward should not have been where he was. Yes, Stewart himself has done the same thing, but he was at least smart enough to do it from further back.

“TERRORISTS NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD”: That’s what Mark Levin says, and he’s right. In doing so, he blasts “a truly pathetic commander-in-chief.” That’s right, too. Mark has never been known to use “weasel words,: like other commentators. Obama has screwed up everything he touches by his tepid responses to their provocations. He PRETENDS to “oppose” them, but he secretly wishes them well, being a “closet Muslim,” himself. Everything he does regarding Muslims works in their favor, and it’s time somebody noticed.

“CEASE FIRE TO BE EXTENDED”: A Palestinian official says that the “cease-fire” with Israel will be extended for five days.” Does that mean Hamas is allowed to fire rocket bombs INTO Israel (as they did with two hours left in the original cease-fire) while Israel is not allowed to retaliate, lest they be criticized by the world’s press and other countries? Seems to me, a “cease-fire” only keeps ISRAEL from firing, while for Hamas, it’s “business as usual.”

“IT WASN’T MY IDEA!” After months bragging about how he “stopped Bush's war in Iraq,” Obama is now saying, “It wasn’t my idea to pull out the troops.” Which is it? Was he lying before, or is he lying now? “It’s all Bush’s fault!” When is Obama going to figure out that SOME Americans remember his previous lies? Probably never; he isn’t smart enough. You can depend on it: Obama will NEVER take responsibility for BAD decisions, but will take all the credit he can get for good ones, even if he doesn’t deserve it—which mostly he does not.

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