Saturday, August 16, 2014

Silly, STUPID Comment!

Rob Reiner, movie producer, thinks the Tea Parties are “like Hamas,” and need to be “taken out.” Tell me Rob, how many Tea Party rocket bombs have been fired into America? How many innocent teenagers have been kidnapped and MURDERED by the Tea Parties? Rob, YOU are more of an enemy to America than an organization that only wants to regain rights that have been taken away by liberals like yourself who have conned their way into positions of power. You ought to shut your mouth and stop proving your stupidity.

IRS MESSES WITH YOUR IDENTITY: The IRS is SUPPOSED to keep the names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of it’s “subjects” safe. But do they? Not even! They recently sent a DVD to an independent contractor containing that information on 1.4 MILLION taxpayers without bothering to do a background check on the people in that contractor’s office that would be privy to that information. This shows that they just don’t care. And you wonder why identity theft has become so widespread!

VICTIM WAS ROBBERY SUSPECT: That’s what Ferguson Police say, and the video they provide supports that, showing a man that looks very much like Michael Brown “roughing I=up” the owner of a store. If true, that changes the whole thing. If so, the cop who shot him might well have been in fear for his own life as he was being assaulted in his own patrol car by a guy twice his size who might be a felon. Maybe the cop went a bit too far when he “filled him full of lead” after the threat was ended, but in such situations, I can well see who he may have been panicked. It needs a LOT more investigation. The cops coming in with military gear behind masks WAS an “overreaction,” however.

THIS RAISES A QUESTION: Why did the cops wait FOUR DAYS to come out with the information that Michael Brown was a suspect in a violent robbery until the day they announced the name of the cop who killed him? That raises another question: is the announcement that Brown was a suspect in a violent robbery simply a way to “tarnish” the victim” and give the cop a better reason for killing him? I don’t know the answer to either of these questions. But those questions do make me a bit suspicious.

GORE SUING AL-JAZEERA: They aren’t “paying up.” They’re trying to get a “discount price” on their purchase price by withholding payment on some of the money they promised to pay for the “moribund” television system. Maybe they just finally realized they paid too much for what was soon to go out of business through lack of customers and now “want out” of their contract, Lack of payment will cause litigation where they can get a lesser payment option.

“PASSIVE” SUPPLY: When Obama told his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq, he told them to “get out” so fast they were forced to leave millions (maybe billions) of dollars’ worth of equipment and munitions which the terrorists quickly stole and are using as their own. Was that a “backdoor” method of supplying the terrorists with American assistance while providing Obama with “plausible deniability? We know he’s giving the terrorists in Syria that are pretending to be rebels lots of money to buy such stuff.

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