Friday, August 1, 2014

ESPN Commentator Suspended

ESPEN OPINION commentator Steve Smith has been suspended for a week because the brass at ESPN don’t agree with his OPINION that women who hit men should expect to be hit back. I would NEVER hit a woman—UNLESS she was hitting ME, and then only enough to stop her from hitting me. I figure she has then put herself in a position where she should EXPECT to be hit back. Women should not be IMMUNE to the results of their actions.

FIRED FOR HIS OPINION? Some people want the Football Commissioner to be fired because they don’t agree with his OPINION in the suspension of a football player for hitting his fiancĂ©. They didn’t think a two-game suspension was enough. Considering how much he gets paid per game, that’s a punishment much worse than he would have been given had he been arrested and fined. And his now WIFE apparently didn’t think him hitting her was too much because she married him, anyway. Sometimes it amazes me how some people think.

WND PETITION DEMANDS CLOSED BORDERS: Good luck with that, WND! With Obama’s record of IGNORING petitions completely, do you think your petition is going to elicit a different result? I don’t THINK so. There are other ways of ensuring Obama do what’s right, but if I suggest them, I could go to jail, so I won’t. Obama will do what HE wants, regardless. He thinks he’s an emperor and doesn’t have to do ANYTHING to please his constituents—which will result in disaster for the Democrat Party. Why don’t I call it the “Democratic Party?” Because there’s nothing Democratic about that party.

AMERICANS SHOULD LEARN SPANISH: That’s what Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) says. What the hell FOR? We don’t live in Mexico, and I’m sure Mexican politicians don’t tell Mexicans to learn English. Quite the opposite, in fact. Mexicans and other Spanish-speaking people who come here illegally don’t even bother to learn English, and I’m not going to learn Spanish to accommodate THEM. If I move to, say, Spain, THEN I’ll learn Spanish because I don’t want to hurt myself, as Spanish-speaking people coming here do themselves by REFUSING to learn English.

WHO PAYS? Obama is making fun of Congress’ suing him for violating the Constitution. He says, “They’re suing me because I’m gettin’ stuff done!” What he doesn’t say is HOW he’s “gettin’ stuff done.” He’s doing it ILLEGALLY by violating the Constitution. He asks (rhetorically) “Who’s paying for that suit?” Then he points at the audience, as if to say, “It’s YOU. And he’s right; to which I reply, “Who’s paying for your suit against Arizona for demanding you do your job?” He forgets about inconvenient stuff like that.

BOMBING A MOSQUE: Palestinians (and most of the world) are giving Israel hell for bombing a Mosque and a hospital. What they don’t tell you is that Hamas fired missiles from that very Mosque and hospital, HOPING Israel will kill some of their children so they can get a propaganda war win. What they don’t say is that Israel gave advance WARNING of the bombing so the children (and the adult patients) could leave—which they did NOT. Hamas would not allow it. They were forced to stay so Hamas could bitch about “civilian casualties” while not saying anything about the UNANNOUNCED bombings OF Israel civilians by Hamas every day, killing Jewish children and adults. Or maybe would if they weren’t such lousy shots.

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