Monday, August 18, 2014

Now It Gets Ridiculous

Texas governor Perry actually DID what he is legally allowed to do: veto something. Now his enemies in the Democrat Party have filed “ethics charges” and an INDICTMENT against him because he had the temerity to TELL the individual involved, he was going to do it. What? I’ve seen some LOW politics, but this “takes the cake.” Now they waste the court’s time with a completely STUPID action against a governor who is DOING something about what he considers to be bad. Now he has to spend taxpayer money to fight it. Damn!

“HANDLING” THE BORDER RISIS: There are several outfits holding meetings to decide how well Obama is “handling the border crisis.” But we don’t need a COMMITTEE to decide how well he is “handling” the border crisis. He ISN’T. In fact, he CREATED the “border crisis” with his promise that “any illegal alien who put his/her foot on American soil would NOT be sent back home.” That gave a signal that they respond to by sending their CHILDREN as a “horde” to overwhelm our borders. Obama could END the “border problem” with a swipe of his pen if that pen reversed that promise—and IF the Border Patrol was allowed to ENFORCE our border control laws. But he won’t do that. The “border crisis” is to his advantage.

THEY ALWAYS TELL YOU: Who they fear the most. One of those in Texas is Governor Rick Perry, who is now the victim of an overzealous prosecutor with a “compliant grand jury.” This grand jury “indicted” him for doing what the Constitution ALLOWS him to do, just because he told his target he was going to do it before he did it. Democrats are AFRAID of him, and have really lowered themselves to do this. This is a political ploy, and shows desperation on their part. We all know a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich if they’re compliant enough.

THE HEIGHTS OF COWARDICE: That’s what I call the “knockout game.” It’s a way for kids who can’t attack a real man with warning to punch someone who is not prepared, nor even expecting an attack, while the perpetrator “heads for the hills” so he can’t suffer retaliation; which is obvious by their choice of targets. Old men who can barely walk, women, teenagers, and now the latest victim, a pregnant woman. This kind of attacker, if they attacked someone who could fight back, is in BIG TROUBLE, and he knows it. So he picks on the easiest target possible.

BOMBING PICKUP TRUCKS:  Obama released videos of his “bombing runs” to the media and what I saw was a rocket bomb obliterating a single pickup truck. No attacks on the terrorist’s command structure (I’m sure they know exactly where the terrorist generals are). NO word on any SYSTEMTATIC bombing. Only individual bombing raids that take out a few trucks and some low-level terrorists. That’s okay. I say kill as many of those fools as possible. But let’s go after their command structure, as well. Killing ONE top terrorists is worth as much as killing 10 or 20 of their foot soldiers.

CANCEL PRO-GUN RALLIES: That’s what Democrat Shiela Jackson Lee says (who else?) Never mind the Constitution guarantees our right to “assemble” in protest of government policies that are unlawful. This is not the first time Shiela “counseled” the government to blithely violate our constitutional rights, and probably won’t be the last. Why her constituents keep her around is a mystery, Maybe there are just too many like her in her district, and they outnumber INTELLIGENT people.

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