Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shaming the Shameless

The latest global warming flight of fancy is a new effort to “shame” countries that pollute the most into changing their laws so they will conform better to “world standards.” How incredibly STUPID that is! Does ANYBODY with any amount of intelligence think countries like communist China CARE what we think of them:? If they did, there wouldn’t have been a Tianinmen Square massacre. Then there’s N. Korea, which is near the top of the list of high polluters. I don’t think they care what even their own victim…er, citizens think of them. If they show any displease, they just kill them.

BRANGELINA TO GET MARRIED (FINALLY): Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (“Brangelina) have been “together” for so long most people thought they WERE married. I didn’t think they were going to do it until they were grandparents. But what decided them? When their CHILDREN kept asking them when they were going to get married. It gets pretty bad when your CHILDREN become old enough to wonder when their parents are going to get married.

THEY’RE “ON VACATION”! After Russians were discovered among the troops that have been captured in the Ukraine, Putin says, “Russians? In Ukraine? They’re not invaders, they’re on vacation!” Does Putin expect ANYBODY to believe this “tissue of lies? Maybe people in Russia who have no way to know otherwise and don’t dare to question the “Butcher of Moscow,” maybe. But nobody outside of Russia with any INTELLIGENCE. If he really thinks anybody will believe him, that makes him the stupid one here. But then, we already knew that, didn’t we?

MARK THEM FOR DEATH: We need to stop PRETENDING that Islam is a “religion.” It is a murderous political system that intends to impose a dictatorial “caliphate” upon the world, in which people who object, or just disbelieve are put to death without any kind of “due process. They deserve instant death whenever and wherever they are exposed. They deserve nothing more because they would give us nothing more.” Somebody needs to “wake up” that wimp in the White House before it’s too late. It may already BE too late.

PUTIN: ALL AGIGGLE: Putin must be “all agiggle” over the fact that he is faced with such a WIMP as Obama while he attempts to take the world back over gain. Obama is such a wimp, Putin HAS no opposition to speak of, even though Obama commands (so far) the mightiest military in the world (until he manages to destroy it, that is). Obama doesn’t realize what a danger Russia is (just as he will not admit Islam is much of a threat). That he is a fool is obvious to those of us who pay attention to what he does. Unfortunately, there are too many people in a position to DO something about him, that won’t, because they don’t see him as any danger and/or they just don’t have the balls.

STUPID POLITICIANS: I get really tired of the ads saying Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner is “too extreme for Colorado” because he is opposed to using the MURDER of the result of unprotected sex instead of using a rubber. What kind of a FOOL thinks murdering an infant in the womb is more “mainstream” than using birth control? Abortion KILLS an innocent baby when there ARE other solutions, such as adoption. Yes, birth IS hard on the body, but abortion is, too. And letting the child be born even if you ignore its existence later does not kill. If that’s all they have against Gardner, I WANT him!

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