Monday, August 11, 2014

It Didn't Help

Things were looking bad for Democrat Gov. Abercrombie in Hawaii, so Obama “took a hand,” beseeching Hawaiians to re-elect him. But it didn’t work. He lost by 30 points out of 60. I think Obama getting into it just made it worse. Many (most?) Democrats are “running away” from any association with Obama, and so should Abercrombie have done. He should have told Obama to “stay away” and let him do it himself (“Please, mother, I’d rather do it myself!”). Obama is a LIABILITY to ANY Democrat who wants to get re-elected, and he’d better start to realize it.

STEWART KILLS WARD: Yes, it was an accident. Of that, I have no doubt. But it brings up a question: What the hell was he even DOING there? A NASCAR national champion in a “bush league” race? This, combined with that accident he had last year (in a similar venue) that ruined his whole year, should be a “wake-up” call for him. Why mess up your chances in the “big picture” by messing around in the “bush leagues?” I know he loves driving, but he should learn to control himself and not jump into every minor league car he can find.

WHAT ABOUT THEIR BILLIONAIRE? Democrats like to knock Republicans because they get financing from the Koch Brothers, but what about THEIR billionaire, who has pledged to spend $50 million dollars to get Democrats elected. You’d think a billionaire would be more intelligent than to support socialists, but I guess this one isn’t. But it does serve to illustrate that Democrats love to criticize Republicans for doing exactly the same things THEY do. We all know rich people support politicians, just like people with less money do. So what’s wrong with the Koch Brothers that isn’t wrong with their billionaire? Just being rich doesn’t make you a criminal.

CONSERVATIVES WORSE ENEMY THAN TERRORISTS: That’s what Obama thinks. He fights grassroots conservatives (translation: the Tea Parties) harder than he does Islamic terrorists. They are his “mortal enemy” while Islamic terrorists are his friends. He must approve of everything the terrorists do (even when they behead little girls) because every time a question comes up regarding the Islamic terrorists, he “finds” in favor of THEM. He recently gave $100 MILLLION dollars to Hamas, an offshoot of Islamic terrorism. This is TREASON, but the people who can DO something about it ignore it while the liberal media ignores it, too, and he gets away with it.

FOOLS EVERYWHERE: Somebody in Missouri put up a sign saying, “The only good cop is a dead cop,” as a response to the cop killing a black man who was systematically beating the hell out of them. Some people don’t bother to look at the CAUSES of things like that, and “go off the deep end,” as the poster of this sign has done. Yes, SOME cops DO act too quickly and shoor before they should. But that’s no reason to condemn ALL cops. Most cops are “:okay,” and mostly do a good job TRYING to protect us from criminals. In doing so, they sometimes screw up. But condemning ALL cops because of that is STUPID.

MEDIA BIASED AGAINST ISRAEL: They are. It’s obvious when they tell a story about Israel’s RETALIATION against Hamas for their incessant shelling of Israel’s civilian neighborhoods by condemning ISRAEL’S response and IGNORING the depredations of the Palestinians. What they’re doing is a “hate crime.” Something liberals like to attribute to us when we disagree with them. But to ignore the “war crimes” of Hamas while condemning Israel’s RESPONSE, is not only irresponsible, it is STUPID. Maybe I use that word too often, but there doesn’t seem to be a better word to describe what’s going on in the world, today.

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