Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Truth Is Lie"

“And lies are truth.” That's the message we get from Obama when he tells us that increasing immigration (specifically MUSLIM immigration) is “strengthening our security.” What logic he uses for that amazing statement, I have no idea. Probably no logic at all, since liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic. It's like in Orwell's “1984,” where lies are said to be truth because the government said it was. Obama KNOWS we know he's lying most of the time, and he doesn't care. He thinks he and his accomplices have a tight enough hold on the government that it doesn't matter. I hope we make him learn better.

THEY HAVE NO CREDIBILITY: A recent report on Fox News says, “The feds have seriously hurt their own credibility by “editing” the report about the Orlando killings to exclude all mention of Islamic radicalism and it's effect on the killer's thinking. What are they TALKING about? This administration HAS no credibility to compromise. Obama (and his cronies) lie every time they open their mouths. That's a known fact. Who do they think they're kidding?

HILLARY IN DENIAL: She just doesn't understand that there are not enough “died-in-the-wool Democrats” left to put her in the office her husbands once held, while screwing every female he could, while at the same time screwing the American public. She thinks her experience being his wife qualifies her to be president, in her own right. It does not. Neither does her time screwing up things and costing American lives while Secretary of State. She's going to be very surprised on the morning of November 8th, 2016 when her next required duty is to write a concession speech.

THE “PRESIDENTIAL” TRUMP: He made a speech today in which he DETAILED all the reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president. Not just the generalisms that are usually talked about in an election campaign. From being a “facilitator” for her husband's sexual antics to her deadly mistakes made (many) while Secretary of State, he DETAILED her screwups. If she ever became president, she would not only continue to make such mistakes, but would make more and more DEADLY mistakes in her four year term. I shudder to think of her finger on the nuclear button with her temper. Hopefully, if that happens, MAYBE the electorate will “wise up” enough so that she won't get a second term, a la Jimmy Carter. If she doesn't blow us all to Kingdom come.

NEAT TURN OF PHRASE: Hillary came up with a neat turn of phrase when she said that Trump has “written several books on the economy, but all have ended at 'Chapter 11'.“ But what she doesn't mention is her abject failure when she tried to set up a national health insurance scam, and how she screwed it up every time she tried to do ANYTHING concerning finances. This is how it's done with Democrats. They accuse their opponents of the very things of which they are guilty.

ANOTHER STUPID “OBAMAISM”: He now says, “Rising seas could swallow the Statue of Liberty.” That vies with his other STUPID pronouncements to be the stupidest. There is NO evidence—real EVIDENCE--that the seas will EVER rise more than a couple of inches, even if global warming (whatever they call their swindle now) is true. It's about ONE DEGREE increase in temperature in 100 YEARS! There is NO WAY that could cause such a massive rise in sea levels. He's INSANE if he really thinks this. And he doesn't. He just wants us to believe it.

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