Monday, June 20, 2016

They Know

The anti-gun fools in Congress KNOW what they propose doesn't work, but they continue to push them, anyway. ABC's Jon Karl gets Sen. Murphy to admit his gun control ideas will not work. But he still pushes them. It's probably a good thing that TWICE, gun control laws they tried to make in response to two mass shootings failed in Congress, and hopefully, the next ones will fail, too. One day, they'll; “tumble” to the fact that the American people, for the most part, won't let them disarm us, since we, unlike they, know disarming ourselves is NOT the way to self defense.

TERRORISTS WANT TO KILL US: And the Congress' response is to DISARM Americans and push “anti-terrorism” measures that will NOT “offend” Muslims. They still think DISARMING is a way toward self defense, just as they did with their “disarmament” proposals during the “cold war.” But it was the “mutual assured destruction” promised by our maintaining the most arms that caused them to fail. But Congress still hasn't learned. And they won't.

CONTROLLING THEM” WON'T WORK: Obama doesn't want to DESTROY the Islamic terrorists. He just wants to “control” them, which is a STUPID way to approach the war that Islamic terrorists have declared on us. But Obama WANTS them to win, and establish their “caliphate” in Washington, DC, and he probably hopes he will be the caliph. Some people will say I am an extremist for saying this, but if they look at what he DOES, they can see that he DOES want them to win, and is working HARD to make it happen.

IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT: If you don't believe that Obama is doing everything he can to HELP the Islamic terrorists succeed, look at this: Obama has directed that all references to Islamic terrorism be REMOVED from reports about the Orlando killings. Now why would he do that, if he didn't want to HELP them succeed? Meanwhile, Obama's DHS bans the appearance of “Jihad” and “Sharia” from government documents, on his orders. People better wake up to the fact that Obama is a saboteur, bent on doing as much damage as he can before his term is up. He is the “Manchurian candidate.”

HAVING A “FART-IN”: Bernie supporters are having a “bean supper” just before a Hillary event in Philly, so they can go to Hillary's event next day and “replace her rhetorical flatulence” with the real thing. The hope is that they can stink up the place so bad people will leave. I don't know how they figure that, with her stinking up the place as a matter of routine, the “farters” will have no effect. You can't overpower Hillary's stink with real farts.

A “LANDSLIDE VICTORY?” They're still predicting Hillary will score a “landslide victory” over Trump. Thanks for that, Hillary supporters. I needed a good belly-laugh. Hillary isn't going to get even CLOSE to a victory over Trump, landslide OR “squeeker.” They're only repeating this lie over and over, hoping it will become truth. It won't. People have been wrong about Trump all along, and they continue to be wrong.

PHILLY'S BEHAVIOR TAX: We started a revolution and divorced ourselves from one government because of a “behavior tax (the “tea tax"), and now we've got another “behavior tax.” Liberals don't like us drinking soda pop, so they made a tax on each bottle sold. It's an example of what you'll get when the liberals are in TOTAL control (and they're not even in TOTAL control, yet). They'll have “behavior taxes” all over the place. I guess we don't have the gonads to revolt nowadays. Those colonists were a tough bunch!

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