Saturday, June 18, 2016

Obama's Insane Methods

Think about it. What if the FBI was told to investigate the Russian mob, but never go into Russian territory and don't call them Russians or “a mob.” And after you finish your investigation, scrub everything you found from your database and leave them alone. “We don't want to 'offend' the Russians.” Now substitute Muslims and Islamic terrorists for Russians, and you have a good illustration of how abysmally STUPID Obama's methodology is. Or is that his PLAN? Do stupid things while CLAIMING to be “fighting terrorism?” So you won't do them any real harm?

WHY LIKE TRUMP? People are asking why so many people like Trump, in spite of the fact that he is boorish, loudmouthed, insulting, and not too smart, Politically? The answer is right in front of our noses. He can get the job done, of reversing the things Obama and his crew have done to destroy this nation as a free market nation. All that doesn't matter if he can do the job, and he can. We don't care if he has “bad hair,” or even if he smalls bad (which he doesn't). If he can get the job done, we want him. We'll suffer the rest.

LIKE FACTS DIDN'T EXIST”: During a debate on whether or not the media is focusing on the guns, rather than on Islamic extremism after the killings in Orlando, where CNN's Don Lemon screeched, “The media is NOT making it about guns! It is NOT! It is NOT! And being told otherwise by a Trump supporter, another panelist said, “You tell Trump supporters facts and they ignore them as if they don't exist.” But the fact is, it is the LIBERALS in media who ignore facts as if they don't exist, as Lemon is doing.

BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH? The question is being asked, pushed, no doubt, by liberals, “Are we going to discriminate against Muslims because of their faith?” The proper answer is this: “We're going to pay special attention to Muslims because of their wish to KILL all “Infidels” (unbelievers in Islam). It's not about their faith, it's about their KILLING ways. If they stop wantonly killing innocent people “because of their faith," we'll leave them alone. Muslims have brought their problems on themselves, by killing innocent people for not believing the way they think they ought to believe, And don't give me that crap about a “majority” of Muslims not beig murderous fools!

A WELL-REGULATED MILITIA”: “If you're a gun owner, are you a member of a well-regulated militia?” Some dufus asked that question on “One Political Plaza.” Here's the answer: “YES!”. As the founders meant it, every able-bodied American is a member of a well-regulated militia, and could be called up if needed. They meant that every American citizen could be called to serve in case of emergency that's more than the military can handle, and they wanted to make sure they had their own guns. It remains so today, in theory, if not in practice.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: ....Gun control really works! Chicago, with it's tight gun laws has had 862 gun victims this year (so far)....They proved it again. In Venezuela, they banned gun ownership for their citizens, altogether. And the homicide rate, which was already going up, took a decidedly higher rate of growth....I wonder if he knows. Harriet Tubman, who will be on the $20 bill if Obama has his way (and he will), is a conservative Second amendment supporter.....Cruz says, “Grown men should not be allowed in a bathroom alone with young girls. And he's absolutely right. But his statement will be “controversial” --with liberals, of course....

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