Friday, June 17, 2016

Discriminate Over Faith?

Muslims say we discriminate against them because of their faith. That's a bogus accusation, and a lie. We “discriminate against them” because they want to KILL everybody who won't convert to Islam, and they spend their time being “offended” by what are, for us, everyday actions. We don't try to change their really perverted actions like screwing little boys or making their women wear "tents," so why should they think they can change what we are? It's not about faith, it's about actions.

SELECTIVE CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION: In a letter to the California Attorney General signed by 19 DEMOCRAT legislators, the idea that the first amendment doesn't cover “climate change deniers” is put forth. They talk about “misleading information” put out by Exxon without acknowledging their own misleading information. My question is, if they are taken seriously, who gets to decide what information is misleading? And what makes them think they can “shut up” their critics? A Constitution that allows them to lie about climate change, and decide what is, or is NOT “misleading information is a contradiction.

NO FLY LISTS: Trump now thinks we should ban ownership of guns for people whose names are on a “no fly list” or a “terrorist watch list.” That's wrong. Yes those lists could be used to keep track of guns being bought by those on those lists, but should not allow them to be banned outright from gun ownership. The Orlando shooter should have been on a “watch list” after being “investigated” for 11 months so that his buying several guns at the same time would ALERT the FBI and trigger an investigation that might have uncovered his plot before he could have killed 49 people and wounded another 50. But the criteria for being put on those lists needs to be tightened up considerably so it takes more than one person's opinion to get your name on it.

SECRETLY” REPEALING SECOND? The New York Times thinks there should be a “secret court” that can “secretly” repeal the Second Amendment. Which goes totally against how the Constitution was set up by the founders. There is NO WAY such a court could get rid of the Second Amendment. There are specific ways mentioned IN THE CONSTITUTION on how it can be changed, and a secret court is not one of them. Especially to remove one of our most BASIC rights “secretly.” That's a damned fool idea by New York liberals.

CLINTON: TRUMP A WAR-MONGER: Hillary Clinton says “Trump could lead us into war.” No kidding? So could she. And she is more likely to do so than Trump ever was, because she would be a continuation of the ignorant foreign policy that marked the Obama administration. And it is that policy that got us into more wars under Obama than under any other president, in memory. As usual, she's accusing Republicans of what Democrats are doing, and have done.

BLAMING THE GUN: As usual. The Boston Globe is running a full-front page picture of an AR-15, with the label, “Make It Stop!” Meanwhile, Obama visits the Orlando shooting victim's families and the survivors and says, “If we don't act, we'll see more of these shootings.” Meaning we should take away all guns from honest, law-abiding people, leaving them defenseless against such shootings. He just can't get it through his thick skull that the shooter OBEYED all applicable gun laws in BUYING his guns, then BROKE them when he started killing those people.

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