Monday, June 6, 2016

NOT "Thin-Skinned!", uh, Hillary says Trump is “thin-skinned” because he doesn't like LIES being told about him in the liberal media. That's not “thin-skin,” it's common sense. But then she wouldn't understand common sense. As a liberal, who say there is no such thing as common sense OR logic, they have no idea what it is. So I guess she'll screech about it for a while, until she sees (if she ever does) that nobody's listening. Or until she just gets tired of lying about him herself (if ever).

RULES DESIGNED FOR RAPE: All A Muslim man needs to do to get a divorce is walk down the street crying “I divorce thee,” and naming the woman. They commonly use this Islamic “get around” to make sex outside of marriage right,, under Islamic law and religious rules. They can have many “marriages” in one night, that covers up their sexual proclivities. In one recent case, they “married” and “divorced” one Christian woman NINE times in one night, so they could repeatedly rape her. She escaped finally, and exposed them. Of course, Islamic “authorities” ignored her and probably tried to charge HER with a crime.

IT IS A RIGHT! Hillary (or maybe “Hollery, since she screeches all the time), refuses to admit that the right to bear arms is a constitutional right. How stupid is that? She doesn't really think her refusal to admit it eliminates a clear constitutional right, does she? I know she's stupid. But is she THAT stupid? And this fool wants to be president. Of course, she couldn't do a worse job than has Obama, but that's not saying much, since Obama is the worst president there ever has been, in memory.

BOTH SIDES OF HER MOUTH: Hillary is “talking out of both sides of her mouth” when she says she is “doing everything she can to cooperate” in the investigation of her use of a PRIVATE e-mail server, instead of a PROTECTED government server while, at the same time, REFUSING to talk to the government investigators about it. She'll cite her “14 hours” before the investigating committee, but it was 14 hours of frustration as she avoided every meaningful question and let the world know she DIDN'T CARE about those four dead Americans by her “what difference does it make?” question.

TRUMP IS WRONG: It might have been true when he criticized the judge in the suit about “Trump University,” but attaching the judge's bias to his ethnicity is wrong, and makes him look like a racist, giving Hillary and his other enemies “ammunition” to use against him. Liberals say you should not criticize a judge's integrity because of his ethnicity, while they criticize judges by their RACE when they say a “black man can't get a fair shake in a “white-dominated court.” The usual double standard is at work, here. Trump should amend his statement to say the judge is merely BIASED, without reference to his ethnicity.

THE “GREATEST THREAT”: Obama says, “climate change” (the new name for AlGore's global warming swindle) is the greatest threat facing us today, completely ignoring the Islamic terrorist threat that he is FACILITATING in everything he does. He flatly REFUSES to even NAME that threat, which grows daily with his help. He “runs guns” to them in several places, instructs his troops to “cut and run” from places like Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving all their guns, ammo, and equipment for the Islamic terrorists to steal and use in their quest to make the whole world Muslim. He says ONE DEGREE increase in temp in 100 years is worse.

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