Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Obama, Shove It!"

That's what the Brits told Obama when they voted to leave the EU. When he was there some time ago, he told them that if they left the EU, they would “go to the back of the line” on any trade agreements with America. This was supposed to frighten them into staying within that overbearing socialist bureaucracy. It didn't. They told him to “stick it where the sun doesn't shine—sideways.” Seems like most of the things Obama supports these days fail. Politicians he endorses have lost. Take warning, Hillary! Everything he touches any more fails. If he's paying attention, that should tell him something. But his ego is too big for that.

THE FAILURE OF SOCIALISM: Socialism does not work. That has been proven over and over, as socialist government after socialist government collapses when it runs out of “other people's money (OPM). It happened in Russia after they spent all the OPM they had in trying to keep up with America in the “arms race.” It is soon to happen in Cuba, as the health of the one real “strong man” runs out, their socialist friends (like Russia and other failing socialist friends who still had OPM left). It's happening in socialist Venezuela, where food shipments are guarded by armed men so they will make it to the store without being stolen by hungry citizens who haven't eaten in days, maybe weeks. Meanwhile, the daughter of the now dead former dictator is the richest person in the country.

IT'S NOT “CIVIL RIGHTS!” The Democrats are comparing their recent childish “sit-in” in congress with the “civil rights sit-ins” of old. But, as usual, their comparison is phony. They have NO “civil right” to hold a “sit-in” on the floor of Congress. There are RULES on proper decorum and process in congress, and they violated them. Had they succeeded in ANYTHING, they would be lawbreakers, too. They say they “just want a vote on gun measures. But the bills they “sat-in” for had already been voted DOWN in both Houses.

HILLARY LEADS TRUMP: That's what the polls say, anyway. How that is possible its a mystery (not really) Hillary is about to be indicted for a bunch of felonies, forcing her to drop out, while Trump is a successful businessman, not a politician, who can cause a REAL change. Not the change to socialism Obama is running, and which Hillary will continue, if elected. Polls can be made to say anything you want them to say, depending on the questions you ask, and where you ask them. I think these polls were taken in heavily DEMOCRAT areas where Democrats can be expected to be favored.

BREXIT AND TRUMP: The action of Great Britain in leaving socialist European Union and the surprising rise of Donald Trump in the race to become president here are two sides of the same coin. Both are evidence of the people's effort to “throw the bums out.” They're tired of the oppressive actions of both Obama and other liberals here, and of the EU itself, in England, and they're getting rid of them. They're tired of the socialist principles preached by both the EU there and the Democrat candidates here—both of them.

FALLUJA “FULLY LIBERATED”: They've been “set free” from the so-called “caliphate” declared by ISIS when they “took over” in 2014. This is no thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, who only wants to “contain” the Islamic terrorists without naming them or destroying them. Had he been asked about the push to liberate” Falluja, he would have no doubt told them not to do it. I figure you're going to soon see some reductions in arms supplies to Iraq, since they “disobeyed” His edicts. And that's the only way he can force them to comply.

OVERTURNING THE VOTE: Politicians in Great Britain are trying to overturn the vote of the people to exit the European Union. I don't know if they can legally do that, but even if they can, it's the wrong thing to do. They will have defied the will of the very people they represent, and who put them in office. That will result in many of them being “sent home” with “their tails between their legs,” if the Brits are as smart as they seemed to be when they voted to leave the EU. It's a classic fight between politicians and the people. Guess who'll win?

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