Monday, June 13, 2016

Court Needs Supervision

The Ninth Circuit (Circus) Court of Appeals should not be allowed to rule AGAINST what the Constitution says, and get away with it, as they did in their recent decision that was a complete contravention of the Second Amendment. We need an “overview board” made up of BOTH liberals and conservatives to correct them when they make absolutely WRONG decisions. Their entire PURPOSE is to uphold the Constitution, not make it moot by their rulings. There need to be constitutional scholars able to correct them when they rule in OPPOSITION to the Constitution.

PRAY IN SILENCE? It is part of the Catholic practice of their religion to “say the Rosary” when praying. This means speaking their prayers ALOUD. Muslims, claiming “religious intolerance” by Catholics doing so, have demanded they “pray in silence” in their own churches to avoid “offending” the Muslim immigrants (terrorists) who have been allowed in by the thousands. Maybe we should demand they pray without their butts in the air, because seeing so many butts pointing to the Heavens offends US, and see how far we get under current administrations.

NO GUNS, NO FENCES”: Democrats claim to hate fences. And guns. But what do they resort to in order to defend their participants at the Democrat National Convention? First of all, there's a “no scale fence” around the stadium where the convention will be held. Second, there will be a bunch of “men with guns” (cops) ready to repulse ANY attackers of the convention. They hate both fences and guns, but when it comes to defending Democrats, they don't hesitate to use them both, while keeping the rest of us from using them. The hypocrisy is evident, but they don't notice it, and won't admit it.

FROM BAD TO WORSE: As if he hasn't crapped on enough people by foisting Obamacare on American citizens, now he wants to inflict it on illegal aliens, too. Oh. I forgot. I'm not supposed to use those words to describe the criminals who came her ILLEGALLY. But you know what? I just don't give a damn about what is politically correct. I say what needs saying, in all cases. And I don't allow others to DICTATE what words I can use.

100 A DAY: Obama is “dumping” 100 “Muslim refugees” a DAY on us, without vetting them to see if any of them have any connection to radical Islam, which he denies exists, anyway. You can look for an increase in “gun crime” in the near future, as many of them go about their purpose to “convert” us to Islam or KILL us. He CLAIMS to be trying to stop “gun crime,” but everything he does will GUARANTEE an increase in it, in the near future, so he can use that to make more restrictive laws against gun ownership by honest people.

'BREAK THE LAW!” That's Obama's ORDERS to school districts all over the land. His “order” doesn't carry the same weight as a law, and he CANNOT overrule local and state laws to keep men out of women's bathrooms and changing rooms. But maybe he thinks, since he is PRESIDENT, he can. He's wrong. And people who allow men in women's restrooms and changing rooms, and the men who attempt to go in there will suffer as local law enforces the law.

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