Tuesday, June 7, 2016

They Want More Work

The VA can't seem to get to the veterans they're sworn to serve. Many vets are DYING because they can't get a damned appointment to see a doctor without waiting MONTHS, some even YEARS. You'd think they'd be trying to “streamline” their system to get to these heroes who served their country, many of whom are disabled by that service. So now they want to perform “gender reassignment surgery,” which will get them many more applicants for appointments. Will they put these guys who want to be girls on a “special list” to bypass regular vets?

BERNIE SHOULD GIVE UP”: Hillary folks say, “Bernie should give up, now.” Never mind he has won most of the primaries, hands down. Hillary still walked off with the most delegates, somehow. I know how. The “deck was stacked” so she'd win, even if she LOST, which she did, often. Bernie was supposed to be there only as a “place-holder” to make it LOOK like she had competition, while they “fixed” things so she would win the nomination in any case. But Bernie isn't “toeing the line.” He's showing signs of really becoming a “problem” by threatening a “contested convention.”

NOT ENOUGH DEAD VOTERS: I guess Democrats couldn't find enough dead people to vote them back into office, or in for the first time. So they are working HARD to give the right to vote back to convicted felons, who will presumably vote Democrat, in appreciation of their action. I just hope they don't create enough new voters to elect another Democrat. If they do, we're LOST. And I feel very sorry for my descendants. They will have to live through the disasters the Democrats create.

NO WHITE FOLKS, PLEASE”: That's what a representative of the mayor in Chicago told all the white people who came to “turn in their guns” at a recent Chicago gun buyback. Apparently, they're not interested in getting white people's guns off the streets. They only wanted guns from black people. Is this racism, or just the realization that black people use their guns more often than white people to commit crimes? Democrats are historically the most racist political organization there is, though they vehemently deny it, while fighting laws that benefit black people.

GORILLA BETTER THAN BABIES? People are getting very bent out of shape about the killing of a gorilla who was about to seriously injure a 3-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. But the same people yawn when they hear about the thousands of defenseless INFANTS murdered each year by abortionists. What kind of “topsy-turvy” thinking is this? I feel sorry for the gorilla, who was just being a gorilla. But he could not have been allowed to hurt this child. Nor can the abortionists. But they're being allowed to hurt MANY children.

DAMNED FOOL NOTION: The United Church of Christ says categorically, that “White people are racist, period.” What a STUPID thing for a supposedly responsible religious organization to say! White people are NOT monolithic, nor are black people. And they are NOT all racist, on either side. I'm a while person, and I judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL. That is NOT racism. Racism is stupidity. Too many black people today are buying into the “ONLY Black Lives Matter” crap. But again, that's not ALL black people. I condemn those who do, but not those who don't.

CRIMINALIZING DISSENT: We're becoming a “banana republic,” one state at a time. California is leading the way with an attempt to CRIMINALIZE those who don't swallow that global warming crap. I guess that's one way to shut your “reasoned opposition” up when you can't answer their honest questions. Just make criminals out of them.. There is no logical reason to believe in the idea that “climate change” is man-caused, but they don't like it when we point this out. So, against the Constitution, they want to CRIMINALIZE that opposition.

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