Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Widows and Orphans"

Obama taunted Republicans when he said “they're afraid of widows and orphans.” Then I was reminded of the young woman who came here to live with her boyfriend, apparently to be married. But that was interrupted when she and her boyfriend shot and killed 14 people by shooting into a large group of people, and themselves were killed. Then there's the picture I saw of a bunch of “refugee” CHILDREN, one of whom was holding a severed human head by the hair. Yes, I'm “worried about widows, orphans, and CHILDREN” if that's what they're up to.

DECLARING RACIST WORDS: I guess that's the liberal way to inhibit criticism of their damned fool actions. Just declare that any use of the words to describe an illegal activity is racist. That's what they're doing now with the words, “illegal aliens.” It's simple description of those who come into this country ILLEGALLY, but they've now declared the WORDS to be “racist.. I've seen a lot of that lately. Liberals declaring common words to describe lawbreakers as “racist.” sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I guess that has to do with the intelligence of those affected.

THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT: Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, who heads up Obama's “Civil rights Division,” says, “Legislation that keeps men out of women's restrooms is directly contrary to American values.” Where does Obama find such ignorant FOOLS? It is NOT “against American values,” and no amount of declaring it so will make it so. If they think we can be made to believe that crap, they're fooling themselves. Where the hell doe= they get off declaring what is “American values?” I'll be glad when this bunch of ignoramuses are gone—if it ever happens.

PEACEFUL MUSLIMS?” A bunch of Muslim “refugees” got mad because they weren't woken up in time for “Ramadan Breakfast.” So they burned down the place they were allowed to live in, rent-free. This happened in Dusseldorf, Germany where the “oh, so tolerant Germans” let them stay, for free. Some people get a little cranky when things don't go their way, but this takes “cranky” to a whole new level. If these are the “peaceful Muslims,” I'd hate to see the violent ones! Frankly, I don't think there ARE any “peaceful Muslims.” They ALL react violently when opposed on anything.

ANTI-GUN VIOLENT RHETORIC:The anti-gun fools just can't understand how stupid they sound when they oppose gun ownership by suggesting gun owners be SHOT. I guess they just aren't smart enough to understand the contradiction there. Then there are people like Washington Post columnist Carl Rowan, who thought EVERYBODY found with a gun not a cop should go to jail. Then he SHOT a naked teen who was “skinny-dipping” in his pool. Damn! These people really frost me. They ran out of arguments long ago, so they just insult and threaten us.

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