Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trump Should Apologize

TRUMP SHOULD APOLOGIZE: He called Hillary's cohort “Pocahontas.” No, he does not owe HER an apology. He owes Pocahontas an apology for using that name to apply to an obvious corrupt politician who supports another corrupt politician. Elizabeth Warren isn't even as skilled a corrupt politician as Hillary is. She has never given a ten minute speech and gotten a half million dollar BRIBE for it, using the speech as cover. But still, calling her Pocahontas is a supreme insult to Pocahontas, and Indians everywhere.

THAT'S NOTHING NEW: A witness “mysteriously” dies just before testifying against Hillary Clinton. So what's new about that? MANY witnesses against BOTH Clintons have “mysteriously” died before they could testify against one of the Clintons. The list I have in my files of those who died just before they would have testified against a Clinton is long. One in particular I remember is one that was ruled a suicide, with TWO bullets in his body. How does somebody shoot himself TWICE to commit suicide?

IT'S NOT XENOPHOBIA! The liberal media is now “labeling” the supporters of “Brexit” in Britain as xenophobes. Who the hell do they think they are? It's not xenophobia to want the FREEDOM to be able to make your own decisions about important things, as Britons apparently do. That ability was behind our own rebellion to leave the “tender mercies” of Great Britain, too. And I'm sure some British “labeled” US as xenophobes, then. But, like the British today, all we wanted was FREEDOM, and the tight to run our own affairs. Liberals in all countries are quick with the “labels,” and always have been. They're stupid that way.

SETTLED BY A GUN”: Anti-gun fools say, “In America, everything gets settled by a gun.” As if we're the only country in the world where that's true. Most countries in this world have very tight gun laws. Laws that keep law-abiding people DISARMED. But people still shoot each other regularly. So where do people GET their guns? On the black market, of course! Where guns are the hardest to obtain by law, people get them ILLEGALLY. Having tight gun laws just creates a market for illegal products, in this case, guns. They do NOT stop people, usually people who want to victimize others, from getting guns. We don't need gun control, we need PEOPLE control!

CRIMINALS GAIN CONTROL: If you had asked me early in my life if killing babies would become not only a LAWFUL activity, but that some large organizations would do hundreds, even THOUSANDS of such MURDERS every day, PROTECTED by the government and “political correctness,” I'd have called you a liar. But that fantasy has come to pass. The CRIMINALS are now in charge of this government, and have made mass MURDER legal, and are well on their way to making other crimes “legal!” That's what liberals DO. That's what happens when CRIMINALS run the government.

VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION: Freedom of speech is one of the most cherished rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Why then, do liberal politicians think they can just make a LAW against it, and get away with it? They've already made killing babies legal, so now they're working on eliminating ALL opposition to their vile actions. They're now working on a law to make CRIMINALS out of people who don't agree with their global warming swindle. They want to make it ILLEGAL to speak against it, since they now know they can't truthfully answer their critics' questions.

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