Sunday, June 5, 2016

National ID Cards

Globalists in Europe are talking about requiring national ID cards in order to use social media. In other words, they want to take something that was absolutely free to use and make it something you must get a LICENSE to use. The power to license something is the power to CONTROL it. The power to say “no” or “yes,” at the whim of a bureaucrat or a politician. Where the hell do they GET these people, who want to take something FREE and make it something for which you must go :hat in hand” to somebody who should have no business being between you and something you want to do and be able to say, “yes or no,” and charge you MONEY to do it?

GAWKER LAWSUIT: It's unconscionable what they're doing to the Gawker. Yes, they shouldn't have used a hidden camera to film Hulk Hogan having consensual sex with a woman, which sounds like a complete setup, to me. But to sue him and get a $140 million dollar settlement? Talk about overdoing it! It's obvious the whole point was to put Gawker out of business. Now we find the entire suit was financed by Peter Thiel, a Silicone Valley billionaire, just makes it worse. I think he paid the judge off, too. Judges are giving far too many oversize judgments in questionable cases. They need oversight from “wiser heads.”

CHILD PROTECTORS” OVERDO IT: As usual. This happened in Sweden, but it could (and does) happen here. “Child Protectors” are the same, the world over. But it is kept quiet so we won't know about it. They stole this child because he was being home schooled. That, and ONLY that, was the reason, even if they recently added the fact that he has an unfilled cavity and hadn't had a vaccination (horrors!), both “put-up accusations that could have been handled (if they're even true) without stealing the child and keeping him for what amounts to HALF his life up to now.

BUILT BY SLAVES”: Michelle Obama says, “I wake up in a house that was built by slaves.” So what? We didn't always have the morality we have today. So why are you complaining? You take million dollar vacations at our expense. You buy clothes, that one dress costs more than the average family earns in a year. You're treated like a queen. Hopefully, that will come to an end, soon. What are you griping about? Back then, a lady of your lineage wouldn't have been allowed in the back door of the White House unless she was a server there. Now you RUN it. So quit your bellyachin'. You have no idea what slavery IS!

FIRST AMENDMENT DEAD: The First Amendment is officially dead in California, where a school district actually called the COPS because a 7-year-old boy was “sharing” some Bible verses given him by his mother with other students. The kids were so starved for religious passages, they asked for copies, and that got this child in “:big trouble” with those stupid school “administrators” at the Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale, CA. A cop even came to the boy's home later and told him and his parents that he should stop distributing copies of those religious stories because “somebody might be offended.” in an attempt to intimidate them. Not because it was against the law, but because it might OFFEND somebody. Even though such action is Constitutionally protected.

CRIMINALIZING MURDER OPPOSITION: In California, where they want to disarm us all (except for the criminals), they want to make it a criminal offense to criticize killing infants before they even have a chance at life. They want to criminalize making those revealing undercover videos that exposed to the world, the murderous activities of Planned Parenthood. Which would have the effect of “covering up” their infanticide murders. I never thought I'd see such STUPIDITY in America! But in today's world, it's common.

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