Monday, June 27, 2016

Did I Get It Right?

Let me see if I got this right. There are hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists coming here who have promised to kill us all if we don't “convert” to their phony religion. Obama's response is to disarm the American people, and import more Islamic terrorists. This guy is either a damned fool, or a traitor. I don't think he's a fool, so he must be a traitor. Everything he does regarding the Islamic terrorists is in their favor. I don't, in any way, think he is a fool, so he MUST be a traitor. Somebody has to do something about him!

WE'RE MORE EQUAL”: Anti-gun politician Charlie Rangel thinks he's “special.” He inadvertently admitted it when he was asked about that childish “sit-in” in Congress by anti-gun fools that failed, because the “sit-iners” didn't want to miss out on their vacations. Those fools were protected by layer upon layer of ARMED security while they demonstrated to keep the same protection from the average Americans. His reply was priceless: “That's a little different. I think we deserve—I think we need to be protected down here.” Which says emphatically that he thinks they are “special,” in that they “need” protection, and we don't.

BALTIMORE LEADS THE NATION: In the increase in number of murders since Freddy Grey's death an d the “criminalization” of six innocent cops, who were just doing their duty showed that the Baltimore state's attorney “had it in for the cops by charging them with crimes, including murder with evidence so thin it hasn't a chance to hold up in court. Criminals have gotten the message, and have reacted with great alacrity, killing wantonly, ever since. So far, every cop so charged has either gotten a hung jury or been cleared, altogether.

GUN SALES UP, GUN CRIME DOWN: A chart I saw today shows graphically that, while gun sales are up dramatically, gun murders are in a downward spiral, as are the general homicide rate, the violent crime rate, and the gun suicide rate. These are figures the anti-gun fools IGNORE in their quest to make us all DEFENSELESS while Obama imports as many Islamic terrorists as he can, as fast as possible. And the “elitists” in Congress ignore those figures, too, as they make law after law that make us “easy prey” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals.

ATTACK ON THE CONSTITUTION: They couch it in good-sounding terms, but the “gun-control issue” is but ONE of the liberal attacks on the Constitution. They regard it as only an IMPEDIMENT to their wishes, and want it gone. Another is the effort (in California, so far) to make criticism of global warming a CRIME. That's an attack on the FIRST Amendment. If they manage to make that work, they know they have destroyed the basic bulwark of our freedom.

ANOTHER ATTACK: Above, I wrote about the myriad attempts from the left to destroy the Constitution by “chewing it up,” little by little. I mentioned gun control and the effort to CRIMINALIZE anti-global warming speech. At the same time, Obama is trying to get a law made to criminalize anti-Muslim terrorism speech or writing. That's a clear attack on the First amendment. And if the law passes, it will be a patent VIOLATION of the BASIS for ALL our laws, and illegal as hell. But Obama doesn't care. He thinks he can get away with it, since there is no PUNISHMENT prescribed in the Constitution for violating it. They thought nobody would DARE. They didn't count on such as Obama.

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