Friday, June 3, 2016

They Doubled the Number

The doubled the number of Christians among the “refugees” being “imported.” This time instead of only ONE, there were TWO. Of course, they increased the number of Muslims in that same group by many hundreds of times, to 1,037. I wonder how many innocent Americans who don't believe the way they think they ought to believe will die when many of this bunch reaches America? And how many women will be raped by sex-hungry Muslims who think a SMILE in their direction is an “invitation to sex?”

SORRY, FOLKS: Yesterday, my car broke down about 30 miles from home. I had to spend the rest of the day and part of today getting it towed and fixed. I could not get to my computers, so, no posts. I'm just one guy here, so if I'm not here, nothing gets done.

ATTACKING THE PRESS”: Hillary is screeching at Trump for “criticizing the press” for properly taking them to task for their “double standard coverage” of his, and Hillary's campaigns. He did it at a press conference, where he wasn't afraid to say it to their faces, while Hillary hasn't had ONE press conference in more than 100 days. At least he says it to their faces, instead of avoiding them, as Hillary does. A picture of her walking out while the press screams unanswered questions at her is common.

PLAYING THE “WOMAN CARD”: Hillary says people come up to her on the street, all the time, telling her how much they loved her, but just “couldn't bring themselves to vote for a woman.” That's false in so many ways. First, nobody is ever ALLOWED to “come up to her” out of the blue and make comments. Her Secret Service thugs would have long since jumped on top of ANYBODY who tried. Second, there's not a chance she would be "walking on the street." That's for "the little people." To say so is like another well known Democrat saying, “A friend (unnamed, of course, with no proof offered) that Mitt Romney hadn't paid his taxes for ten years. A patent LIE. But one nobody seems able to prove, one way or the other.

THE POT AND THE KETTLE: Hillary says we shouldn't elect Trump “because he lies.” WHAT? She's saying somebody lies worse than SHE does? Talk about Democrats accusing their opponents of what THEY are doing! It's the classic “pot calling the kettle black.” She lies with every word out of her mouth, and so does her mentor, Obama. He's so full of stinky brown stuff it's running out of his ears! And so is she! Damn! How STUPID can she be?

NOBODY'S GONNA DIE”: That's what former Secretary of state Madelein Albright says, which shows her abysmal ignorance. If Hillary sent or received an e-mail naming an undercover spy, it COULD get him (or her) killed. And that doesn't even count all the other secrets that could get people killed, if revealed. That's the reason why a Secretary of State should use government (protected) e-mail, period. To do otherwise is not only illegal, it's STUPID. And this b....witch wants to be president?

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