Thursday, June 9, 2016

It'd Take 75 Years!

That's the latest excuse by the State Department for not releasing Hillary's e-mails. Because there's so many of them, it'd take until 2091 to release them all. Never mind that all they needed to do was hire some more government workers, which has never been a problem for them, spending OUR money, and release only the ones most damaging to Hillary. But they'll never do that because they're just protecting Hillary until she can get elected president and order this “investigation” stopped.

A “BORDERLESS WORLD”: That's what Kerry told a bunch of seniors at a recent commencement address. What? WHAT “borderless world?” I was never called upon to vote yes or no on eliminating all the borders in this world. Who is going to do it, and under what authority? Who has the authority to dictate the removal of ALL BORDERS in the world? Sounds like more socialist (collectivist) “one world” bull derm, to me. If it ever happens, it will be ILLEGAL and unconstitutional. I'm sure Kerry is speaking for Obama, and he doesn't care about legality.

LAUGHABLE ELECTION: I can't believe how STUPID we've become (not me)! We've boiled down this election to be one billionaire businessman used to dealing in billions of dollar deals vs. two socialists, one ADMITTED and one who still denies it while she spouts socialist giveaways all over the place. A housewife who spent a long time protecting her husband from the results of his philandering, and FACILITATING it. A woman who was GIVEN a Senatorship to keep her qiuet and later, the job of Secretary of State by the Democrats, so she had something to do while Obama screwed up this country royally., both jobs which she botched badly.

NO POLITICAL CONSIDERATIONS”: Obama says: “I guarantee you there are no political considerations in Hillary's e-mail problems.” Which means, of course, that there ARE political considerations. If Obama finds it necessary to reassure us there aren't, there ARE. This is one of his OBVIOUS LIES, told us to mislead us. He KNOWS we don't believe a word he says, but he's determined to say it, anyway. I think Obama ENJOYS lying to us and DARING us to disbelieve him.

STAND DOWN” IN SAN JOSE”: In San Jose, CA, the cops were told to “stand down”  (he now denies it) while anti-Trump demonstrators physically attacked pro-Trump people. I guess it's okay to beat pro-Trump people up, without penalty. I wonder if there'll be a similar order put out when Hillary visits San Jose. Probably not. He doesn't want to hurt those pathetic liberals

BERNIE AND OBAMA: They're meeting today. Big whoop! Now they're waiting, HOPING Bernie will tell them what he and Obama talked about. as if anybody of any substance CARED. This “dog and pony show” of an election is really getting ridiculous. Something needs to be done about the BORING “dog and pony show” that are elections. It seems like we are in a PERMANENT election cycle, and I'm sick of it. But maybe that's the plan. If they bore us to tears, then nobody'll be paying attention while they pick our pockets.

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