Friday, June 10, 2016

Ban Rocks!

Turns out that all the shots fired at the Dallas Love Field fracas were fired by cops. The “bad guy” was only armed with big rocks, one of which, I assume, at this time, was used to break the rear window on a woman's car outside the terminal. This is all preliminary, and based on preliminary news reports. Apparently she was trying to leave, and he didn't want that, so he attacked her, and the cops responded. What amazed me is that, when shots rang out, at least two civilians walked TOWARD the gunshots! Only in Texas!

HILLARY GOT THE NOMINATION: Big whoop! Was anybody ever doubtful that would be the outcome? The “fix” has been in from the beginning. Just like it was when Obama came out of the woodwork to “elbow Hillary aside” in the 2008 election. The Party fixed it so the one THEY wanted to win, was the winner. Yes, it was a “hard road.” But they're up to it. If they're good at anything, it's fixing elections, from the primaries out. Bernie was a “political dead man walking,” from the day he entered the race. Believe it. Maybe he's therevisiting Obama to “get the skinny” from Obama, so he'll stop being a pest. It didn't work.

NINTH CIRCUS RULES: The liberal “Ninth Circus” Court has ruled. The most reversed court in the land has ruled according to their bias again. They ruled in favor of California's requirement that applicants show “good and proper reason” to need to carry a gun in order to get a “carry permit.” And in so doing, said that Americans have NO right to carry a gun for self protection, or for anything else. This is a good example of what we'll get if Hillary gets elected and is able to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. “Rulings” that are patently AGAINST the Constitution, when their only job is to UPHOLD the Constitution.

OBAMA ENDORSES HILLARY: Surprise, surprise! He wants somebody who will continue his destructive to America policies for four, maybe eight years into the future, if there are enough fools out there to get her elected TWICE, as they did Obama. He knows if Trump gets elected, his “policies” are DOOMED, and he doesn't want that. He has come far in his quest to DESTROY this nation as a free nation, and he doesn't want that to be undone. The Republicans won't do it (maybe), but Trump WILL. That's why Republicans hate him with such a passion.

BERNIE WILL FIGHT ON: Everybody thought Bernie's meeting with “the boss” would result in him ending his fight to unseat Hillary as the Democrat nominee and stop being a pest. But, no! He has vowed to “fight on,” and even try to get the “Super Delegates” to change their minds and nominate this ADMITTED socialist. I guess he can do that, since he has so much money left. He can be a “thorn in her side” until after the election, when he will “fade into the mists of history” with so many former unsuccessful candidates whose names nobody remembers.

HILLARY WANTS TO BE OBAMA: Obama is famous for telling the most outrageous lies. Lies that EVERYBODY knows are lies, and DEFYING us not to believe him. You know, lies like the whopper he told when he said the economy is in good shape, while 96 million people are not only out of work, but have been so for so long they've given up on EVER finding a job. The one she told is this: “Not a single American lost his life in Libya.” And she expects us to BELIEVE that outright lie and STILL elect her president! And there are a lot of people out there gullible enough to believe her.

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