Thursday, June 23, 2016

Demonstrating For Lawlessness

Democrats in the Congress are having a “sit-in” on the floor of Congress because of “inaction” on gun control. There hasn't BEEN “inaction” on gun control. But the action there was didn't meet the approval of the Democrats, so they called it “inaction” and did something stupid and childish. I hope they enjoy sitting on that cold floor, because they're going to be there for a long time. What they propose is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and they can't force ILLEGAL action by sitting on their butts.

THAT'S A LOAD OF BS: A Democrat shouted on the House Floor, “The Second Amendment needs some changing because Americans don't agree with it.” I wonder what kind of twisted crystal ball he saw THAT in! The reason why most of the anti-gun fools' bills fail to become law is because the American people DO agree with it, and will not allow a bunch of ignorant politicians to take away their right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that, a gun. That's a typical Democrat pronouncement that has NO FACTS behind it, said only to convince people who don't pay attention of something false.

WILLFULLY PREVENTING”: Obama says the Republicans are “willfully preventing the Supreme Court from being at full strength,” which is another “pipe dream.” They are “willfully preventing Obama from stacking the Court with liberals so Democrats can do more damage to our freedoms.” And they will stop blocking an appointment just as soon as a conservative gets into the president's office. As usual, he LIES about the reasons for the blockage, to suit himself. He's really getting frustrated, especially because of their recent ruling putting a stop to his LEGALLY protecting illegal aliens from deportation. So he has now announced his intention to do it ILLEGALLY.

RESPOND WITH LOVE”: AG Loretta Lynch says we should “respond to Islamic terrorism (she didn't say “Islamic”) with compassion, unity, and love.” How STUPID is that? When an Islamic terrorist comes at you with a gun, meaning to kill you, how is “love” going to stop him? We need to respond by KILLING him before he can kill us! Any time we catch one “in the act,” we need to kill him right there, so he can't use our system to get his way and create a PR disaster, and be released later by a stupid president for political reasons. Let them know terrorism is DEATH. This is a typical liberal response to violence, and shows graphically why she has no business being AG.

CLINTON BANGED MONICA: Right there on the desk in the Oval Office. Big F---ing deal! He probably screwed her everywhere he could, and she was certainly a willing partner. As witness what she did with that cigar. So what's the big deal about it. We know he screws everything with skirts (we hope always in skirts) as a matter of routine. I don't think there's anything gay about him, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was. I guess Trump could get some mileage out of that, knowing it was a big part of both Bill and Hillary. Bill by doing it, and Hillary by covering it up. It certainly shows she doesn't have the temperament to BE president.

ANOTHER COP CLEARED: When the Baltimore State's Attorney decided to victimize six good cops by trying to get them convicted of a crime, she thought the courts would help. But they're obviously more intelligent than she is, and so far, almost all have been completely acquitted (one got a mistrial, which signals he will be acquitted soon), leading us to wonder if she should even keep trying. The result looks pretty certain that she has no evidence to convict any of them. Her basic premise of a “rough ride” fell through right away and the judge “slapped her down.” Now she needs to be slapped down completely, and required to resign or be fired.

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