Tuesday, June 21, 2016

He Loves Killing Babies

What kind of person kills babies for a living? This guy was asked why he did it, and he replied, “I LOVE killing babies! I want to keep ripping their bodies apart!” Why this guy has stayed alive is beyond me. And he's a damned fool for saying this publicly. A guy with this kind of mindset has no right to breathe the same air as human beings. I'm not suggesting that somebody kill him, but I'm wondering why somebody hasn't. Abortion is MURDER, and he is a murderer. A serial killer who should be in prison, and maybe sentenced to die for his crimes. His name is Dr. Robert Santella, and he works at the Family Planning Clinic in San Diego. Anybody with this kind of mindset should be banned from the medical profession.

CLUELESS TO CONSERVATIVE: That's Stacy Dash, an actress who is also a contributor to Fox News. She tells the story of how and why she went from a predictable liberal in Hollywood to a conservative after having “run off” an ex-boyfriend she knew wanted to kill her, with her gun. He liked to beat on her and always found her wherever she went. She shot at him after he kicked her door in. He fled and hasn't been seen nor heard from since. She re-examined her other liberal views, and now is a proud conservative, even if it has hurt her chances in liberal HOLLYWOOD.

OBAMA “FANATICAL”: Charles Krauthamer, columnist and Fox contributor, says, “Obama is fanatical about covering up the Islamic connection to terrorism. And he's right, except he's using the wrong word. It's not “fanaticism,” it's just “doing what comes naturally” to a dedicated Muslim (even if he denies it) who WANTS Muslims to establish a caliphate—in DC—with him as the caliph. That is what I believe, after looking at all he does to HELP the Islamic terrorists in America.

NOT A “RECOVERY”: Hillary just made an incompetent speech about the economy, in which she condemned Trump (surprise, surprise!) for economic illiteracy while revealing her own. She talks about she and Obama “growing the economy,” when they have done just the opposite. There IS no “recovery.” 96 million people are out of work and have given up on ever finding another job, which allows Obama to CLAIM low unemployment figures after not counting them. This fool needs to be sent home to Arkansas. She is a clear and present danger to this country if she ever gets to the White House.

THOMAS TO RETIRE? Supreme court Justice Thomas is contemplating retirement, after the 2016 election. If Hillary wins, that means she will get to appoint TWO new justices, giving liberals a majority on the court. If Trump wins, his two appointments, if Thomas retires, will cause a conservative majority for some time. Which makes this THE most important election in years—maybe even DECADES. If Hillary wins, we're COOKED, as a free nation, because the Court will uphold all her liberal and socialist actions. And with a majority in the Court, she will be able to get away with murder.

DON'T MESS WITH MOM! This Colorado mother heard her five-year-old son scream and rushed to help. She found him being attacked by a mountain lion. Did she run away? Not a chance! She grabbed the lion's mouth and released her son's head, which was IN the lion's mouth, grabbed him, and ran, after suffering some scratches, herself. Which proves you don't want to mess with a mother when her child''s life is at stake. That boy will never love his mom more than he will after this. The mountain lion has since been found and killed.

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