Thursday, June 16, 2016

He Wasn't NRA

The Orlando killer WAS a registered Democrat. But Harry Reid still blames the NRA for the Orlando shootings. What kind of twisted reasoning he used to think this, I don't know. But most likely he isn't using “reason” or “logic,” at all. Democrats, and all other liberals deny the very existence of reason or logic. But they want to demonize the NRA at all costs. So they LIE about it. Somebody needs to slap this fool in the face—again.

THIS IS NEWS? Harry Reid blatantly LIED on the floor of the Senate. How is this news? He does that every day. The other day he said you could go to any gun show and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check. Really, Harry? Could you tell me where the nearest show where you could do that IS? That's just like your “imaginary friend” who told you Mitt Romney hadn't paid taxes in ten years. Which also proved to be a lie. If you're studying under Obama to learn how to lie, you're not a very good student. He's a much better liar than you are.

AS PREDICTED: I didn't predict it, others did. But I could have, if I took much personal interest in British politics. The new Muslim mayor of London said he wouldn't change anything after he got elected. But he is now instituting a BAN on ads featuring scantily-clad women in London. That's “not changing anything?” What a LOAD of horse manure that is! It's a typical example of Muslims changing things to suit their ideas, and against what is “normal” for us. Next, he'll demand women start wearing those Muslim “tents” when they go out.

WE'RE SAFER THAN BEFORE”: WH spokesman (mouthpiece) Josh Ernest says, “We are safer than we were before Obama came to power.” Better adjust your blinders, Josh! We're not only NOT SAFER, we're in more danger than ever before, because of Obama's damned fool policies. With him trying to disarm honest people while importing thousands of Islamic terrorists (with OUR money), many more of us are going to DIE in the next few years.

DELETING TERRORIST RECORDS: Obama has ordered keepers of government databases to DELETE the records they have on KNOWN Islamic terrorists, here, and abroad. If that is not prima facie evidence he wants to do everything he can to HELP the terrorists win, I don't know what would be. Obama is actively ASSISTING Islamic terrorism, worldwide, while PRETENDING to be fighting it. He talks about “containing” terrorism (while not identifying it as Islamic) instead of ERADICATING it, which we ought to be doing. We ought to be EXECUTING proven Islamic terrorists, instead of holding them for a while, then releasing them to go back and kill some more.

OBAMA IS FURIOUS: “Judge Janine, on Fox, called him a terrorist on live TV. Yes, he's mad, because he's being "outed” by more and more people who have reason to know what he is. He's afraid some people will take these accusations seriously, and will go out and PROVE her assertions. I've been saying that for a long time, but nobody seems to notice. Maybe if more people like “Judge Janine” say it, more people who can do something about him will take note.

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