Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obama's Really Stupid

Does he really believe that crap he laid on us in a recent speech about how “not naming the enemy” (my words, not his) will not make a difference? I don't care what he calls them, or doesn't call them. but refusing to name the enemy tells me he isn't taking the threat from them seriously, while people, all over the world, are DYING because of his jerkwater response. I said he's stupid, but I meant that he is stupid if he thinks we will buy his horse manure.

TRUMP IS UNFIT”: Hillary says Trump is “unfit to be president” because he thinks Obama is IN FAVOR of Islamic terrorism. But what she actually did was to show HERSELF “unfit” to be president because she THINKS Trump is stupid for suggesting that Obama is complicit in Islamic terrorism when his every act CONFIRMS it. Anybody who cannot see this has no business even THINKING abut becoming president. We keep telling them this, and they keep ignoring us. I hope SOMEBODY recognizes his treachery before it destroys us.

NOBEL PRIZE USELESS: It used to be quite an honor to get a Nobel Prize. NO more. Not since Obama got one “on the come” without doing ANYTHING to deserve it, based on the :"possibility” that he “might” do something great. He hasn't. Everything he has done has increased the misery of the American people. We should revive the “misery index” we had during Jimmy Carter's “reign.” They should take it away from him, to regain respect.

TRUMP: 70% NEGATIVES: If that's true, why does Trump get tens of thousands of people at his rallies, consistently? Ten times what any Democrat has gotten at their rallies! I think we need to look more closely at the methodology of the the “polls.” I think they only questioned liberals (Democrats). I think they took their “surveys” in the lobby of the Democrat Headquarters. I think it's horse manure, put out by the “establishment,” designed to make their fantasies come true.

WAL-MART IS SAFE, RIGHT? Wrong! Criminals with guns care not about their “rules” telling their customers not to bring their guns into their stores. That fact was illustrated recently (again) by the shooting in an Amarillo, TX Wal-Mart. How many times must they be proven wrong before they “tumble” to reality? Target Stores have a similar “no-gun” pol;icy, and gun crime in their stores or on their property has measurably INCREASED. But do they re-examine their silly policy? Not a chance! These policies only point out the INCOMPETENCE of the managers of these stores.

LEGISLATOR STUPIDITY: Florida legislator Alan Grayson says, “Automatic weapons can fire 700 rounds per minute.” Wow! I didn't know there were such STUPID people in existence. Let alone in a position to make laws we have to follow! There is NO GUN that can fire 700 rounds per minute! Period! Is this just ignorance on his part, or willful stupidity? Does he know he's lying, or is he just blissfully ignorant? The problem is, people who “:pay no attention to politics” don't know any better, and will believe this horse manure. And they vote.

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