Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It Shall Not Be Named!

Obama came out today and condemned the “terrorist” massacre in Orlando, Florida. He was very eloquent in his condemnation. But never did the words “Islamic terrorism” pass his lips. Even though the shooter dialed 9/11 DURING THE KILLINGS and swore allegiance to ISIS. If we don't start taking Islamic terrorism seriously soon, we're going to lose. And we will have beaten ourselves. Obama is either on the side of the Muslim terrorists, or he's a complete FOOL. And I don't think he's stupid. Just evil.

IT'S ALL ABOUT GUNS: Hillary wasted no time coming out against guns after hearing about the massacre in Orlando, Florida. Never once did she say a word of condemnation for the shooter, or Islamic terrorism, which it plainly was. The anti-gun fools will be “making hay” with this, as usual. I know they're already working their press release system overtime, pleading for more money to support their damned foolishness.

IT'S NOT ABOUT GUNS! Incompetent politicians insist on talking about gun control every time there's a mass shooting. This ignores Islamic terrorism, which is the cause of MOST of the mass shootings in this country today. But the incompetent politicians in charge (beginning with Obama) will not admit that Islamic terrorism IS a problem, nor will they effectively fight it. Obama won't even NAME it for what it is! I'll be damned glad when he's gone. If that ever happens.

EASY TO GET WEAPONS”: Obama translates everything into “the ease in getting weapons.” People talk about him bringing in thousands of Islamic terrorists, and he dismisses that as irrelevant. He talks, instead, ab9ut “how easy it is for them to get weapons.” You can't stop them from getting weapons! If they can't get them legally, they'll get them ILLEGALLY, or STEAL them! And all his stupid anti-gun laws aren't going to stop them. Most of them won't have records here, since they just got here, as it was with that Orlando shooter. And you can't stop people with no records from buying guns. You COULD put “suspicious people” on a list to be watched, which would help a lot.

MISSING THE POINT: Obama misses the point, entirely when he says his not mentioning the word, “Islamic” when he talks about Islamic terrorists, is unimportant, because, “What does it matter” if he calls them by one name or another. But that's not the point. His failure to use the words, “Islamic terrorists” speaks to his UNWILLINGNESS to effectively FIGHT the “war against Islamic terrorists” THEY are waging against US. It's his FAILURE to effectively fight them that is responsible for them making serious gains, all over the world. When you fight a war against somebody who does not fight back, you win. And I believe that's what Obama WANTS.

TOO DISRESPECTFUL”: The Department of Homeland Security has banned the use of the words, “jihad” and “Sharia” as “too disrespectful. What their reasoning here is, is unclear, if any. But banning use of those words is an example of the INCOMPETENCE in DHS. To ban the words to describe what are our most dangerous problems is to ignore that guy with a knife as he carves us up. I can understand Obama not being able to bring himself to use the words, “Islamic terrorism,” because I know he is ON THEIR SIDE. But for DHS to do something this stupid shows a SYSTEMIC stupidity.

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