Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's A Trend!

The “BREXIT decision in Britain mirrors the success of Donald Trump in the presidential race. Both support the idea of smaller political divisions and self reliance in running your own shop. Plus a complete rejection of socialism. Smaller government is one thing Trump is promising, along with more empowerment for individuals in the United States, and liberals, like the “Tories” of old, are fighting it, tooth and nail. They recognize that a Trump victory means the END for them, politically. Even one liberal-minded Republican delegate pledged to Trump is SUING to get out of the requirement that he vote for Trump on the first ballot.

LOOKING THE WRONG WAY: As usual, the politicos are looking in the wrong direction. No, this isn't about gun control. It's about ignoring a deadly enemy and concentrating on only a POLITICAL enemy who only threatens political jobs. The Islamic terrorists threaten our very LIVES, while Obama and his boys condemn the “right wing” and concentrate on them. The right wing has never beheaded a CHILD. They have never kidnapped and murdered a reporter. They've never murdered anybody for not believing the right way. But Obama and his thugs think they're the most dangerous threat. How STUPID, and how INCOMPETENT!

GUNS FOR FEDS: Obama's government wants desperately to disarm Americans while building his “federal armory” at an alarming pace. More and more bureaucrats are arming themselves because they know they're nearing the END of the patience of the American people to their efforts to STEAL our property. There are more armed feds today than ever before in our history. Even the Fish & Game bureaucracy is armed! Do they want to shoot the FISH in self defense? No, they want to shoot US when we object to their thievery.

BLOW TO ONE-WORLDERS: Many politicians talk about a “borderless world” and “The New World Order,” which mean simply, a world government, and no borders between countries like Mexico and the United States. They pointed proudly to the European Union as a “showcase political entity” that would one day accomplish that. But England's recent “BREXIT” vote began the crumbling of that entity. I predict that numerous other countries will also leave the EU in the coming years, and it will, like our old “League of Nations,” become only a memory.

BAN PRESSURE COOKERS!” Every time some fool uses a gun to kill a bunch of people in a mass shooting, anti-gun fools “gear up” to demand more of the same ol' same ol' gun laws that never did anything to “stem gun violence,” anyway, and only served to INCREASE it, and get more people killed. The Boston bombing didn't even USE guns. They used pressure cookers! Should we ban pressure cookers because they could be used to hurt people? The reasoning of the anti-gun fools is quite questionable. The guns are no more at fault than are the pressure cookers. Both can be used for good or bad. But they're too stupid to “tumble” to that, and the fact that it is the PEOPLE who are responsible..

NO EVIDENCE”: The “authorities” say there is “no evidence” that the killer in Orlando was gay. which requires them to IGNORE testimony from people who SAW him trying, in his many visits to that gay night club, to “pick up” men. That, plus the testimony of a man who says he was his “gay lover.” Maybe he's lying to gain notoriety, I don't know. Maybe ALL of those who SAW him “doing gay things” over a three year period are lying. But EVERYBODY? All this IS “evidence,” if they will just recognize it. Of course, gay or not, he WAS a Muslim, who declared allegiance to ISIS. That's “evidence,” too.

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