Saturday, June 4, 2016

What're The Rest doing?

In Sweden, they accepted 162,000 “refugees.” 494 got jobs. What are the rest doing? Collecting welfare? Robbing and raping? They ran from the violence where they were, but brought violence (they commit) with them. Just ask all the women who had the misfortune to smile at one of them and got raped for their trouble. Muslims, you see, look upon a smile as an invitation to sex. For a bunch that jealously hide their own women, they're sure free with sex with other women. Maybe that's because rape of an Infidel is not wrong, according to their “religion.”

A GORILLA IS MORE IMPORTANT: When that gorilla at the Cincinnatti Zoo was killed to keep him from harming the toddler who fell into his enclosure, it raised a ruckus. Which leads me to ask, why don't people get so exercised about all the unborn infants who are murdered by abortionists for the “convenience” of their parents, who just want unprotected sex without having to deal with the result? The double standards in this country make me sick!

SPEAKING OF DOUBLE STANDARDS: In Rhode Island, a city official (a politician!) calls an American flag on a fire truck, “terrorism.” What kind of damned fool politicians do they elect there, anyway? When the symbol of patriotism is called a terrorist symbol, that politician should be recalled for STUPIDITY. If we can't fly our own flag without being called terrorists by a fool, this country is in big trouble! I couldn't say for sure, because the news report didn't say. But considering the area, I'd BET this politician is a Democrat.

DON'T WANT YOUR GUNS: What a WHOPPER! This surpasses even his recent speech taking credit for an “:economic boom” that doesn't exist. It seems like he goes out daily and purposely tells us whoppers that we all KNOW are lies and DEFIES us to disbelieve him. That's the definition of a demagogue. He thinks his excrement doesn't stink, but it stinks worse than anybody else's. And he puts out a lot of it. Much of it comes out of his mouth. Obama and his accomplices are working HARD to take away our gun rights, yet he tells us confidently that's not what he's doing.

CREATING A CRISIS: The “problem” of anti-Trump violence at Trump rallies is becoming a “crisis.” People are actually getting hurt. Hillary and other Democrats are blaming Trump because of one statement he made on one situation. But the violence-makers keep coming. Does anybody look into the backgrounds of those people? I maintain that they are PAID to go to Trump rallies and create violence to promote the MYTH that Trump FAVORS this. Meanwhile, they ignore the violence at their own rallies.

INCREASING VIOLENT CRIME: Everything Obama does, it seems, makes things worse for America. Doubling the minimum wage, for instance, CREATES unemployment and bankruptcy. But he doesn't care. Letting men go into women's bathrooms and changing rooms creates opportunities for perverts to victimize them. Especially when they're young and inexperienced. Then there's his releasing thousands of violent criminals to prey on the rest of us while doing all he can to stop us from having the guns we need to defend ourselves. Think about it. Obama is a MENACE!

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