Wednesday, June 29, 2016

They Aren't Right-Wingers!

The liberal media keeps referring to the skinheads who got in a fight with anti-baby-killing advocates as “right-wingers” because of their Nazi sentiments. That completely ignores the fact that the Nazis were LEFT-wingers. There is NO WAY socialists or Fascists can be considered “right-wing!” Nazi is short for “National SOCIALISTS!” Never was, never will be on the right! But that's the liberal way to confuse people who don't pay attention to politics. Call black white, and white black. “Truth is lie, and lie is truth!”

HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? How is it a woman who had the power to help, allowed four brave heroes to die in Benghazi? What makes her think she is in any way, entitled to run for president? As Secretary of State, she could have helped them stay alive. There WERE “assets” nearby who could have gone in and at least TRIED to help them survive that dastardly attack by Islamic terrorists on our embassy building. But instead, she sent out a “stand down” order, condemning them to death. She isn't FIT to be president. She is not fit to breathe the same air as human beings!

ANTI-GUN SENATOR ARRESTED: She was demonstrating against gun ownership. She was sloppy drunk. She was armed (a 9mm with extra clips). She is a Muslim, and a hypocrite. Or am I repeating myself? Where's her Hijab? She's just one more example of a hypocritical lawmaker who tries to make laws against us peasants being able to defend ourselves, while she makes sure that SHE can. She was still “beating that dead horse” about the lawful killing of Michael Brown, years later.

HILLARY IN DENVER: Well, that fat-butted, witch, Hillary, is in Denver, pushing her doomed run for the presidency, while a felony indictment still hovers over her head like a hanging sword (while her husband has a "private audience" with the AG on her airplane). Something she refuses to take seriously, depending on Obama to keep “the fix in” until after the election, where she hopes to be elected, making it harder to “bring her to justice.” Actually, all she's doing is screwing up traffic flow with her unnecessary motorcade. She's acting like she's already president.

TURKEY BANNED GUNS: How then, did three Islamic terrorists get the guns they used to attack that airport in Turkey? Yeah, I know. They blew themselves (and others) up, but not until AFTER they sprayed bullets indiscriminately into the crowds. Seems to me, people who are going to blow themselves up, anyway, aren't going to be worried overmuch about violating an insignificant law that says they can't have a gun. I've been saying that, right along, but the anti-gun fools aren't listening. At least one of them was stopped by a security man with a gun by being shot. What if that had been a CIVILIAN with a legal gun?

REQUIRING SMART GUNS: In New Jersey, the State assembly has passed a bill REQUIRING gun stores to carry “Smart Guns.” If I was a gun store owner, I'd tell them to go to hell. They don't have the power to DICTATE my inventory. Anti-gun fools are always trying to usurp our constitutional rights, because that's the only way they can keep us from having the means to self defense, thus making us “easy targets” for the owners of ILLEGAL guns. We're the only country in the world where that right is GUARANTEED by the document that underpins ALL the laws allowed to be made.

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