Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stealing the Election

Using “super delegates, which is an INVENTION by the Democrats running the election process to guarantee victory for the candidate they prefer, Hillary has “run off with” more delegates than she is entitled to. Many more than Bernie, even in contests in which he is the "official" winner. She now has 50% of the delegates needed to gain the nomination, even though Bernie has been doing well in the elections.

SHOWCASE CASE FALSE: Lawyers suing the oil company in the suit that Fracking enemies always use to “prove” that fracking spoils well water made an amazing admission in court recently. That they “have no proof that the well water is actually contaminated.” Since this is the only case where contamination was claimed, that pretty much shuts down the “anti-fracking” crap they spout. Which will probably not stop them from using the case in defense of their position. Maybe.

HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND: Town Hall columnist John Hawkins says he “just doesn't understand the “affection” for Donald Trump. C'mawn, John! You're a columnist! You're supposed to see truth where others miss it. Trump is a “street fighter.” Something we NEED in the presidency, and haven't had for the last seven plus years. Yes, he's loud. Yes, he hits back, HARD when people insult him. Is he supposed to “roll up in a ball” in the corner and suck his thumb when that happens? No. He hits back, twice as hard. Something Obama only does when the opposition is an American citizen who opposes the “flights of fancy” he calls “policies.

IS FREE TRADE BAD? Another Town Hall columnist asks a pretty dumb question. I know he may be asking it as a prelude to a column telling us otherwise, but the need to ask that question shows an ignorance in some people that is amazing. Free trade is what has made this country surpass anything other countries that have been around for thousands of years have been able to accomplish, and in only about 300 years. It has made America the “destination of choice” for people coming from all over the world, who want to better themselves. Is tt bad? Not a chance!

THEY'RE MIGHTILY CONFUSED: That's one thing I've noticed about liberal demonstrators lately. They're very confused about just what they're protesting. They call Trump a Nazi and equate him to Hitler, but some of them carry communist flags into the demonstration. They are ignorant of the fact that Nazism and communism have the same goal: to collectivize as many countries as they can. They are both collectivists (socialists). Only the route to it is different. If they'd ever find out what they're really demonstrating for and against, maybe they'd change their tune. In another demonstration, one demonstrator carried a sign saying, "No Room for Hate" while another next to him is wearing a shitt with "F-ck the Police" on it.

WE SHUT TRUMP DOWN!” That's what those fools who were demonstrating against Donald Trump in Chicago are braying, now. Yes, they did. Trump has more intelligence in his little finger than any of those fool demonstrators. Yes, they “shut him down.” THIS time. Do they think that's going to derail his campaign? Not a chance. Trump is too strong for that. They might as well face up to reality and stay home. You can't stop Trump by threatening violence. He can be more violent than you ever dreamed.

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