Friday, March 18, 2016

Garland's An Anti-Gun Zealot

They're trying to paint Garland as a “moderate,” but that's “code” for liberal undercover. He's also an anti-gun zealot, and always has been. If he is confirmed, that will spell the END to our Second Amendment right to self defense. Garland has a long record of anti-gun judgments, and his confirmation would mean the DEATH KNELL for most of Scalia's best decisions.

SHOULD THEY SHOOT THEMSELVES? Students at Harvard are asking themselves, “should whites shoot themselves because of white privilege?” You can't make this stuff up, folks! Name the stupidity, wild as hell, and some liberal has already thought of it and expressed it as “viable.” And these people vote. If not right now, soon. No damned wonder they install such fools into high political office! I don't have the kind of imagination required to come up with such foolishness, But count on it, those in “Ivory League” colleges do! These people should not be allowed to PROCREATE, much less vote!

HOW HE GONNA GET HIS MONEY? That's what was asked by the aunt of the teen killed while burglarizing somebody's house. She says she “don't care if he got a license or not, it's not the law!” But it is! Only she's too dumb to realize it! Does he have the right to STEAL somebody ELSE'S money just because he's either too lazy or not intelligent enough to EARN it for himself? Laws are there for a good reason. To stop people like this kid from stealing other people's property Not being able to earn it doesn't give him the right to take it away from those who DO. Damn! Lotta stupid people out there!

TURNABOUT NOT FAIR PLAY: But that's not what Democrats are doing. Back when the Democrats were blocking the nomination of Robert Bork to be a Supreme court nominee, the New York Times was right with them, saying, “Democrats have a perfect right to block his nomination.” But now the shoe's on the other foot, they whine (along with the Democrats) about how “Congress is shirking it's duty” by “stonewalling” today's appointment under the same circumstances. It's “different now.” Democrats are trying to get THEIR nominee in.

REVOLUTION OF 2016?” That's what Town Hall columnist Cris Skates is asking. I'm asking that, too. America is very tired of the excesses we've suffered under the liberals (Democrats) the last few years and are bound and determined to END it. That's why a millionaire who has never been in a political office is threatening to become president, and it looks like he's going to do it. Short of an ARMED revolution, that's what we'll get. If the Democrats scotch that attempt (with the help of the Republicans, I might add), we're gonna get an armed revolution. Just watch and see.

SUICIDAL MISTAKE: That fat little dictator in N. Korea says he has the ability to hit an American city with a nuclear missile. He must be really STUPID to think that he can BEAT the United States with his paltry little supply of nuclear arms. Doesn't he know ONE MISSILE fired in the direction of America will get his entire country wiped right off the map within the hour? That “war” will last only two strikes. His, then ours. And his pitiful little country will become a steaming pile of crap.

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