Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Donald Loves Everybody

It seems in every one of his monologues, he “loves” somebody: Blacks, whites, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, women, etc. I don't “love” anybody as a group. I usually just pay no attention to the group they're in sometimes, but I watch Muslims closely because next time I see them they might be trying to kill me (maybe even THIS time). But otherwise, there ARE some INDIVIDUALS I just have no USE for. But that's not “unreasoning hatred.” There is always a good REASON for having no use for that INDIVIDUAL. Based on his ACTIONS.

REPEATED ATTACKS: In case you hadn't noticed, there are ALWAYS additional attacks after a major attack in one place or another, based on trying to keep “the locals” terrorized. Sometimes they're designed to victimize the first responders. Another thing you may have noticed is their propensity to accuse US of “attacking civilians,”: while that's ALL they attack: civilians, and “soft targets,” who won't or CAN'T fight back. Furthermore, ALL Islamic terrorists ARE “civilians.” There's not a government soldier in uniform among them, as a rule.

INCOME INEQUALITY: Liberals (Democrats) are constantly worried about “income inequality” and do all kinds of STUPID things to combat it. Most of which are SOCIALISM. But there's a good reason for income inequality: people are NOT “equal” in their talents and abilities. Which makes the current effort toward a $15.00 an hour minimum wage the heights of STUPIDITY. Until you can make EVERYBODY EQUAL, there will always be “income inequality as each person earns according to his (her) ABILITY. Even socialists realize this, but they want to TAKE some earnings away from those with ability and give that stolen to those of NO ability.

SANDERS WINS, BUT LOSES: Bernie swept the elections this week, while Hillary is ONE for SIX. But she is still way ahead in the delegate count because of the “super delegates.” That's how the DEMOCRATS have it “fixed” so that she'll win (if the FBI doesn't put her in prison first)..Republicans just “changed the rules.” But Democrats didn't need to. They already had the rules “fixed” so they could nominate anybody they wanted. Which this year is Hillary. They're much better at manipulating elections than are the Republicans, which is why they've been pretty much “in charge” for more than 50 years.

TEXTING WHILE WALKING ILLEGAL: Texting while walking is dangerous because the texter isn't paying attention to his/her surroundings. Texting while driving is already illegal in most places. Of course, making it illegal will stop it, won't it? Don'tchu believe it! Stupid people will do it, anyway. and fall off high places, into fountains, and walk in front of speeding cars and be killed. People insist on being stupid, and laws never make any difference—except where guns are concerned. Law-abiding people won't buy a gun if it's illegal, while a criminal will, and will KILL those who don't.

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