Monday, March 14, 2016

Ha, ha! Hee,hee! Ho, ho!

They scheduled an event which involved rowing the Northwest Passage in Canada to highlight global warming. But they had to put it off because, er,—wait for it—extreme cold weather and too much ice! No wonder the “global warming guru,” AlGore had to change the name of his swindle to stop tying it to actual weather. The weather never cooperates! It's hard to swindle people out of money to stop a trend that isn't happening, in the first place! Gore ought to take his billions and go home. His swindle is growing very thin. So thin, in fact, that he, and his fools want to PROSECUTE people who tell the truth about it. So come and get me, Al!

VIDEO NOT CONCLUSIVE: They've released a video that they CLAIM shows Lewindowski “grabbing” that female Breitbart reporter. But it doesn't. They have a very big stretch saying it does, Yes, Lewindowski SAID he thought he did, but then reversed it, saying it was somebody else. If Trump's enemies think that is going to derail Trump's campaign, they've got a different think coming. The proof just ISN'T there. And Trump denies it ever happened.

TRUMP: “BERNIE'S A COMMUNIST”: Recently, Donald Trump called Bernie a communist. And Bernie took offense. Maybe he's not an actual communist, but he IS a SOCIALIST, which is pretty much the same thing. Only the details differ. Communists, who ARE socialists, have a slightly different method to bring about their abomination than do socialists, but the end result is the same. Look back at Soviet Russia. They were DEFINITELY communists. The very NAME of their country was “The Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.”

TRUMP'S A LIAR!” Bernie says Trump is a LIAR when he calls him a communist. But he isn't. Trump just moved over one word on the list. Socialism and communism are the SAME THING. Only difference is the details of the PATH to the same destination. Remember the Soviet Union? “The Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics?” Bernie is an ADMITTED socialist! He might as well BE a communist! The final result in BOTH is a totalitarian government that steals from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of the “drones” of society.

CHI: LAWS TIGHT, MURDER UP: In Chicago, Illinois, they have some of the toughest “gun laws” in the nation. They even have a “violence tax” that makes bullets almost unaffordable. The result? The murder rate is UP 100% over last year. Politicians watching and trying to figure out how to make laws that will “stop gun violence” IGNORE this as they keep on making their USELESS LAWS that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun violence. They never learn from experience.

BILL CLINTON: “GUN BUYING DOWN”: Now I'm asking, “What's HE smoking?” Obama likes to put out obvious LIES and defy people to disbelieve them, but Clinton (Bill) hasn't done it very much lately (until Hillary brought him into her campaign). But now he's right back to the “old Bill” and making statements that DEFY logic. The numbers just don't back him up when he says this. Gun sales are at an all time high. Every time Obama talks about “gun control,” they go up. And he talks about it nearly every day, while ALL of his efforts in that direction FAIL.

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