Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Fox "Dress Code"

Somebody forgot to tell one of the guest hosts of “Outnumbered” on Fox about the “dress code” for women on Fox. She actually was wearing a dress that came below her knees and didn't, like the others, threaten to show us a lot more than she intended if she wasn't very careful. They really ought to change the name of that show to “Legs,” because that's mostly what we see in those ubiquitous “long shots” of “the couch” on which the le.... er, women sit. The entire concept of that show is silly. As if the ONE man on the show is AGAINST all the women.

WAR AGAINST COPS: The thugs are working HARD to rid their community of cops. Liberals are right with them. But, as usual, liberals never think things through. They never think about what their neighborhoods would be like if there were no cops. If they called 911 and there was no answer. The thugs and murderers would “take over” with no opposition, because the government has seen to it that most of us are UNARMED and HELPLESS against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals.

COMPLETE LIBERAL STUPIDITY: You name the stupidity, and the liberals will insist on making it the law. The current stupidity they're working on is letting men and boys use the same bathrooms and showers right alongside of women. Think about it: your daughter, NAKED, in the shower next to a naked man with an erection. More of this stupidity is the current liberal effort to change the law to allow a MAN who thinks he's a woman to change his birth certificate to SAY he's a woman. This after “legitimizing “gay marriage” and saying people opposed to it are “bigots.” Damn, such stupidity!

DOING “THE WAVE”: What was Obama doing right after the Brussels murders? After spending less than a MINUTE talking abo0ut Brussels, he spent the rest of the day attending a BASEBALL GAME with Fidel Castro's brother. Damn! This president is a complete FOOL where foreign relations is concerned! No wonder other countries no longer respect America with such a DOLT running it! And I'm sure he has plans to run a scam to extend his time “in power.” The problem with our electoral system is that it allows such DOLTS to become president.

MORE OBAMA STUPIDITY: Obama displays his stupidity every time he opens his mouth. Today he accomplished it by saying, “Global warming is a bigger threat to the world than is ISIS.” How he can say such stupid things and actually think America will believe him is beyond me, unless he depends on the IGNORANCE of people who “pay no attention to politics.” Something that, if true, only involves ONE DEGREE reduction in average temperature in 100 years, is NOT “more important” as a threat than millions of Muslims who are actively KILLING everybody they can who do not subscribe to their phony “religion,” or who speak out against them.

OBAMA: “THEY'RE ALSO KILLING MUSLIMS”: So? Obama thinks that mitigates them killing Americans? There are several different branches of Islam and one kills those who subscribe to a different brand of Islam than they do, just as they do people who don't subscribe to Islam, period. In what way does that mitigate their other genocide? Again, Obama displays his stupidity (or cupidity) with his words. I think it's cupidity. I think he's working WITH the Islamic terrorists—by DESIGN.

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