Sunday, March 27, 2016

Banning the Pledge

The town of New Paltz in New York (where else?) banned the saying of the “Pledge of Allegiance” in it's town meetings. The next step is banning the saying of the Pledge for all Americans. The politicians today think they can DICTATE what people can say or do and they're wrong. At least for anybody who has any gonads, that is. I will say what I think is right, and DAMN those who pretend to have the right to tell me I can't! I'd like to see them try.

HE'S A SNIVELING COWARD!” That's what Cruz called Donald Trump for doing the same exact thing HE did to Donald. That's the same as what the Islamic terrorists do when they say their latest attack on innocent people is “in revenge” for an “attack” by their victims, that was “in revenge for THEIR attacks. I'll tell ya. This election is getting way too far away from the issues and is getting “bogged down” in personalities, on BOTH sides. I wish the candidates would quit insulting one another and start talking about the issues!

OBAMA'S STUPIDITY, AGAIN: Now he's saying not only that ISIS is “not an existential threat” (which they ARE and he's too stupid to know it), but that we can defeat them by telling them they are “weak.” How STUPID is that? Maybe he should go back to Cuba and dance with a pretty, half-dressed girl not his wife or play some golf while Brussels burns some more. He's not good for much else. Damn, what a damned fool we (not me) have put in the White House! You don't defeat fools by telling them stupid things they have no reason to believe.

PROOF OF CRIMINALITY: I've long said this government is full of criminals, and they prove it regularly. The latest proof is that Planned Parenthood, instead of being shut down and the top officers and those who actually MURDER infants tried, and imprisoned, get a million dollars (from George Soros) to use to promote HILLARY's campaign. This organization is a CRIMINAL organization that PROFITS from INFANTICIDE. And the government not only condones it, it actively PROMOTES it. Anybody who does that is an ACCESSORY to their crimes and should be prosecuted and IMPRISONED!

WHY ALWAYS THE #2? Every once in a while we get the news that the terrorist's #2 man gets killed. Why is that? Why ALWAYS the #2 man? Why NEVER the $1 man? Is #1 better at hiding? Or is he just not targeted? Is the “killing” of the #2 man a hoax? Something to make us THINK we're making SOME progress in fighting the danger Obama says is “No big thing? That a 1 degree increase in temperature over 100 years is more of a danger to us? There are so many contradictions in this administration it really jars my gonads. He tells us they're “no big thing,” then goes out and kills their #2 man. Which is it? If it's “no big thing,” why is he killing it's leaders (If he is)?

TORTURE NOT EFFECTIVE: That's what “intelligence experts” tell us. Because the person being tortured will tell us ANYTHING to stop the torture, not necessarily the truth. Aside from the PROVING of what he tells us, the fear of BEING tortured will make the Islamic terrorists think twice before doing their “dirty work.” They say they don't fear death. Why not give them something to FEAR? They certainly don't shrink from torture or beheadings, or even rapes of little girls (or boys). Why are WE not allowed to respond in kind? So we won't “fall to their level?” That's a STUPID reason!

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