Saturday, March 12, 2016

Only Wealthy Neo-Cons

It's “only wealthy neo-cons who support their 'soldier boy' Rubio. So? It's “wealthy neo-liberals who support Hillary or Bernie. What the hell's the difference? I guess it's because Rubio is NOT a liberal, huh? And why shouldn't “neo-cons” support him?” Liberals certainly wouldn't, and that's okay, too. We don't expect them to. Does ANYBODY put any credit in what MSNBC's Chris Matthews says any more? Not if they're in any way INTELLIGENT.

REASON TO REJECT: Bernie Sanders says he will (like Obama) use “executive powers” to expand “immigration reform” if Congress doesn't act. That's just one more reason to REJECT this fool and keep him as far away from the White House as possible. Apparently, he ALSO doesn't realize that the presidency if not “total power.” Congress has powers EQUAL to the president, and so does the Supreme Court. Something liberals will never understand. Bernie has NO CHANCE to ever be president, and that's a good thing. The onlyu bad thing is the current alternative Democrat.

INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT: I've long talked about the incompetent fools running this country. People who are only good at getting themselves elected, but bad at governing. They're good at stealing elections, too. That extends to most of their subordinates, too, since they seek out, and appoint such people so they won't “make them look bad” by being smarter than they are. That was true of the ICE (what a damned fool acronym!) agents who sent a “retain custody” order to the wrong sheriff, leading to the mistaken release of a many-times deported Mexican illegal alien who finally murdered FIVE PEOPLE in Kansas City, MO, and how many others we don't even know about.

HE KNOWS NOTHING: Charles (big mouth) Barkley says, “Politics is rich people screwing poor people.” What it really is, is politicians screwing EVERYBODY. Especially people as ignorant as Barkley. It's a typical liberal misrepresentation to say such things about “poor people,” when it's mostly liberal politicians who are screwing them. Nobody is better at twisting reality to make them look good and their opponents look bad than liberals.

"I'VE NOT CONTRIBUTED”: Obama says, “I've not contributed to dividing the country.” Again I have to ask, what's he smoking? He certainly HAS! Does he think that if he says it, people will believe it? Maybe he does. But anybody who has been “paying attention” for the last seven plus years and has ANY intelligence knows that if he says it, it MUST be a LIE. This is just one of a series of LIES designed to “change history” and make us think he's not responsible for the crap for which he IS responsible.

TRUMP UNDER FIRE: He's under fire for the violence that has happened at his rallies. What the hell FOR? He simply cannot control it if a bunch of fools come into his rallies and try to make trouble, purposely, making his supporters not mad, but INFURIATED. That 78-year-old man who “sucker punched” an obstreperous demonstrator as he was led out of the hall by the cops, for instance. There are some insults that cannot be allowed, no matter how old you are. And word is, that demonstrator was insulting and hitting people in the crowd before that man delivered a punch he richly deserved—and that's not Trump's fault. You can't keep people out because they “look like” they might cause a problem.

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