Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Peaceful Overthrow"

Former Arkansas Governor Huckabee (who ascended to the governorship when Bill Clinton ran for president) says, “Trump is doing a “peaceful overthrow of the government” (Much like Obama did in 2007?). Now Obama is trying to complete that “overthrow” by getting Hillary elected to succeed him (if he can keep her out of prison long enough). It really is amazing how some dumb people can misrepresent things. What's bad here is the fool is a former presidential candidate, that was rejected, thankfully.

125 ILLEGALS RELEASED”: And they're responsible for 138 murders! That's more murders than there were illegals released! And Obama still insists that is not a problem! But that's not the only obvious LIE Obama has told, and then DEFIED us to disbelieve it. Meanwhile, many-times deported illegal aliens continue to murder Americans and Obama sees to it that nothing is done about it. More things to disrupt. Why people don't see his machinations and put a stop to him is beyond me. There ARE ways they could block him in this last year, if they would just USE them.

STUPID PEOPLE: There are some really STUPID people in this world. That Uber driver who killed six people in his shooting spree, then meekly surrendered when the cops caught up with him, blamed it all on his Uber ap on his cell phone. He said when he opened the app that day, a “demonic voice” told him to go out and kill some people, which he dutifully did, not asking any questions. Then, when the cops caught up to him, he says his ap told him to “stand down,” so, again, he did what he was told without question. If he thinks that will get him out of his earned punishment, he's really stupid.

CAN DONALD BEAT HILLARY? That's a question being asked perennially on both sides. But what they base it on, I have no idea. They paint Hillary as this “unbeatable juggernaut” it's impossible to beat. But she's having a devil of a time even beating an old, half crazy SOCIALIST! And that's within her own party! What makes them think a strong fighter like Trump can't “stomp her into a mud puddle?” The Republicans are committing “political suicide” in being opposed to Trump, but I don't think even that is going to stop him from running right over them, AND her.

POLITICO GETS IT WRONG: They say Obama is a “man of integrity” and his administration “Has never been marred by ethical scandals.” I know I've asked this before, but what are their editors SMOKING? If they can't see the “ethical scandals” that abound in the Obama administration, they shouldn't be in the information business. And Obama a “man of integrity?” Gimme a BREAK! That man doesn't even know the MEANING of the word, “integrity!” Damn! How stupid can some people BE? Politico used to be a pretty good source. but their editors have “gone stupid,” and you can't cure stupid. They're too stupid to even realize how stupid they ARE.

LEFT SPEWS HATRED: Is anybody surprised? When they heard that Sarah Palin's husband was injured in a snowmobile accident, they immediately started “spewing hatred” in his direction. From one that wished for his death, to another who talked about her daughter having three kids with three different fathers, they spewed sh-t from their mouths (or their computers). But nobody should be surprised, Liberals are uncouth and unfeeling. They think because somebody disagrees with their weird notions they should be hated. They're damned fools. But then, they always have been.

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